Sunday, May 19, 2013

CoverGirl Blast Flip Stick review

Covergirls new Blastflipstick is one of the really nice products that I got to try in my Vocalpoint beauty bash package and I think it a really unique product.

First you are getting 2 complementary shades of lip color in one tube the one side would have a frosted and the other a matte. The Color I got to try is called Whisper its a nice pretty frosted pink with similar color matte pink on the other end.

I love this shade as it perfect for me, I like pinks and lighter shades because I feel a bit to old to wear the bright reds. I am always on the hunt for a pretty pink. The CoverGirl Blast Flip Stick, is really handy and they make the colors blendable so you can customize the color you want, the color also lasts a long time and stays put nicely.

I am so happy I get to share these with my friends because we are all about the same age and we all like to use more of the pinks in a lop color. Covergirl has you covered though because they have a selection of shades for any look you want.I hope you give it a try the one I got is very Blendable and I can chose to wear one or the other so that's a beautiful thing in a lip color . I did a video review so you could see it. I hope you get a chance to have a look at the video and thanks for looking :)

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