Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fysiko lash Growth serum before use photo

I will be trying out Fysiko lash growth serum for Influenster for 16 weeks this is how my lashes look now really thin . I will be posting update on how this lash growth serum works for me. #LongerLashes @InfluensterVox @FysikoLashes #gotitfree.

I cant wait to see how well Fysiko will work for me I am going to be 53 on May 15th ans my Lashes have thinned a whole lot. It use to be I was accused of wearing false eyelashes to work when I was younger, Since getting old :)

I have very thin lashes so I hope Fysiko will bring my lashes back to beautiful during this 16 week trial. I will keep you posted as things go forward thanks for reading :)

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