Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rally for Real Pizza With Freshetta

Rally for Real Pizza- I love Freshetta pizza and think its the closes thing you can get to genuine homemade. so hurry over to Freshetta facebook page and rally for real Pizza. I did this yeaterday its a lot of fun . here is a link for you Rally for real pizza

I rallied because Freshetta is our family's favorite frozen pizza , you can trust it to always taste fantastic and its always a great price so I was happy to rally Frozen pizza shouldn't simply taste better. It should be better. Freschetta®frozen pizzas are made with top-quality ingredients and taste-tested recipes, just to make sure your pizza will always deliver Fresch® flavor.

So don't forget to rally for Freshetta at facebook and let everyone know you did . Thanks for reading :) "I occasionally receive compensation in the form of products for posts. However, the opinions I share are solely my own."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Great King and his dog -a short story

This is a story of a great king, This King had a dog that he loved very very much. Although the King love the dog , this dog was not to interested in the king or his love for her, she was restless and ran away far from her king.

The dog traveled far and wide, she became lost in the world and came to a place that was dark and unloving. She was always cold and hungry and had to eat from trash cans because no one would care for her. She was lonely and dirty because the dark part of the world made her so.

The great king would call to her and beg her to come back to him so he could take care of her, but she snarled and ran away ,thinking she could go her own way and find her own happiness in the world.

Finely after a while The king sent the Prince of the land to find and save he dog from herself. The Prince had to suffer greatly through many trials to find her. The dog would always snarl and run away deeper into the darkness. Finely it came down to the Prince having to have to sacrifice himself so that the dog could live and that's what happened.

After the Prince died, his spirit showed the Dog all that she could have had and how much the King loved her. The dog never knew that someone could love her so much after all she did, that he would die to save her and bring her to the king.

The princes spirit cleaned up the dog and make her beautiful again. The prince gave her a spirit of peace so she no longer snarled at her king, nor ran away. The spirit of the prince took her back to her King who was so happy she was safe and could be with him again. The king brought the Prince back to life so the dog could thank him and be trained and guided by him through his love and compassion.

Because of the Prince the dog got to know the love of the King and how much he wanted her to be by his side always. The dog was so happy that she no longer had to eat out of the trash or drink dirty water and she wondered why she every thought that it was s good idea to leave her king.

The dog just waged her tail and thought "I am only a dog, and I do stupid things, but thanks to the prince and my king, I can be happy again and learn what it means to be a good dog now and that's all that matters" So the dog stayed By her King forever always thankful that the Prince saved her and loved her enough to bring her home.

I am the dog in this story , The king is God and the Prince is my Lord Jesus who saved me from myself :) A short story by Lori Alcorn Thanks for reading

Monday, February 27, 2012

earn cash to review romance books

I just not found out about this and sent them an email so I know only the information I was provided on a freebie/survey forum I use.. here is that information so you can see if its something you would like to do as well.

We need romance readers who enjoy sharing their opinions about quality work. Participants should enjoy Nicholas Sparks and Robert James Waller. The focus group will ask participants to provide written feedback on a sample text explaining why they like or dislike the sample.I'm sure free article writing services sounds great now!

Participants will be awarded $25 for feedback of approximately 300 words. There will be regular opportunities for follow-ups and additional compensation. A paypal account is required to participate.

If interested please email

When sending your feedback, please introduce yourself and answer the following questions: (1) Who is your favorite author? Why?

(2) What is your favorite book? Why?

(3) Why do enjoy reading romance?

(4) What is the most important part of a romance novel to you?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Awesome list of free kindle books for today

I check this top 100 free kindle books like daily and today I wanted to post a blog because there are literally a ton of great book available right now for free for Kindle . this list has everything from mystery, children s books , christian fiction, history, self help and paranormal. I just went through them and recommended some of them on facebook and twitter but thought I would just go ahead and post the link because you may find something here you like.

Since I mostly read Christian fiction and study I usually facebook those or cleaner regency romances . But I know others have different likes so I'm posting the whole link that will take you to the top 100 free for kindle . These change a lot so whats free today may not be free tomorrow so get them while you can.

This was the cace for me a few days ago I got a Christian study book and found out it was free for only a few days so Im really glad I took the time to download it or I would have missed out on a fantastic read. Anyway here is the link , you should bookmark it so you can check , I really mean it when I say these change up daily. Some ar on the list perminatly or for a very long time , some not so much. Anyway thanks for looking. Amazon top 100 free books for kindle

Friday, February 24, 2012

cafe creator post for the tasters club what my cafe would look like

I was asked by the tasters choice tasters club to create a cafe for them. This is what my cafe would look like if I could own one. They also asked me to answer some questions about my Cafe so here are the questions I answered for them regarding this activity. Below my answers are pictures of what my cafe would look like finished.

Whats the name of your Cafe

The Victorian reading room and cafe

How did I come up with this name

I love this period in history.

Whats the concept for this space

its would be very relaxed and filled with antique books to read while enjoying your coffee.

How did I come up with this idea

I always wanted to have this so I have been thinking about it.

The design of this cafe would be

soft antique lighting with scented candles antique furniture and shelves filled with books.

what would the atmosphere be

The atmosphere would be like stepping back in time to a beautiful Victorian parlor.

Whats on the Menu

There would be lots of great turn of the century bakery and cookies and pastries.

whats on the drink Menu

I would have tasters choice in all it flavors and some tea choices . maybe some old fashioned soda for soda drinkers

What other ideas would you include

I would also have some old antique magazines and newspapers to read a place to buy old antique postcards and coffee accessories and pots

here are the books I would have

here is the kind of china I would serve coffee in
On tables that looked like this
With lamps that looked like this
And Lots of really nice comfy chairs to relax in
Thats what my dream cafe would look like thanks for looking

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Take the Quiz for coffee personality

I am a member of the NescafeUSA Tasters club and they asked us to take this quiz to see what our coffee personality is. I thought this was a lot of fun so I am posting it here for you to take.. I would love it if you could let me know in the comments what your score came out to. Mine is The Enthusiast, that's how I scored so if you love coffee let me know by taking the quiz and commenting your quiz outcome here in the comments .Thanks

Coffee Personality Quiz:

1. When do you usually drink your coffee?

a) Evenings, for when I like to relax.

b) Mornings or afternoon, for a pick me up.

c) Always! Bottomless cup, please.

2. Describe the cup you drink out of

a) I can’t, it’s covered in whipped cream.

b) Cup? Oh, you mean my tumbler.

c) It has my name on it, I made sure of it.

3. About how many cups of coffee do you drink a day?

a) Once in a while, as a treat.

b) One in the morning, and a couple more scattered throughout the day to keep me going. c) Too many to count.

4. If I see you drinking coffee, you’re likely to be

a) Enjoying life.

b) Waking up.

c) Working hard.

5. If you don't get your coffee fix, what happens?

a) Nothing.

b) I'm a little sleepy, but nothing I can't handle.

c) I get grumpy and irritable.

6. Which best describes your coffee drink?

a) Liquid dessert.

b) It varies.

c) Caffeine overload.

7. You have coffee in one hand, what’s in the other?

a) A shopping bag.

b) A pen.

c) Another cup of coffee.

8. How do you buy your coffee?

a) I like to look for flavors I enjoy.

b) I like to try new and interesting flavors.

c) I stick to blends that will give me the kick I need.

9. You are most likely to drink a:

a) Latte- sweet and delicious.

b) Regular coffee- a good balance between a treat and a kick.

c) Espresso- strong and effective.

10. Finish this sentence: I love a good cup of coffee and a great ___.

a) Magazine.

b) Adventure.

c) Nap.

Now, count up how many times you chose A, B, or C and find the personality that matches your score:

Mostly A Young at Heart- Hello, social butterfly. You enjoy coffee as a treat for yourself and always explore different flavors and toppings with every sip. You are a trendsetter and are likely to follow all the gossip magazines. Your drink is one part coffee, two parts sugar, and three parts whipped cream. Sweet, fun-loving and not too serious just like the drink in your hand.

Mostly B The Enthusiast- You drink coffee daily and are open to trying new things. You are more adventurous, relaxed, spontaneous, and humorous. You are also a hard worker but you know how to balance your work life with your social life. Coffee for you is in your daily routine. You are not afraid of tackling the tasks you have ahead of you because you like success and are goal driven. Do not let anyone get in your way.

Mostly C Coffee Addict- You no longer have blood running in your veins, instead you are running entirely on coffee and cannot last a second without it. When your friends yell out “shots”, you reach for your espresso cup. You are an extremely ambitious, focused, and hardworking and you know it.

Book Review: Compelled Living the Mission of God by Ed Stetzer and Philip Nation

I was able to read this great book called Compelled Living the Mission of God by Ed Stetzer and Philip Nation published by New Hope Publishers: Birmingham, AL,. I got a chance to read it through Netgalley .

Here is what I thought . First this would be an awesome book for ministry groups ,church groups and any group who want to be motivated by scripture to make their missions grow. This book give us practical guidance in how to witness for Christ and how to bring the people who need Christ to the church.

This books is very easy to understand and even the individual can learn a whole lot from its scripture based teachings and guidance. It is filled with wisdom and also helps us understand how to go about being a good witness. I think this book would be fantastic for any christian book club or reading group or for those people who are really searching for a way to make their ministry become properly motivated.

Authors Ed Stetzer and Philip Nation do a fantastic job is offering us some really good suggestions and ways of thinking that are very motivational and helpful. I would recommend this book to anyone who could use a some guidance in how to have a successful and vibrant ministry project. Thanks for reading my review of Compelled Living the Mission of God.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Awesome Trial product giveaway featuring Olay,CoverGirl and others

I came across a great bunch of products recently and thought I would offer a small giveaway for for them. After making sure my friends and family had their samples, I found out I had some extras and thought that I would do a giveaway instead of just keeping them for myself, this way you get to try something awesome and see if you like them as much as I do. I will have a short explanation of each. Than I will let you know how to enter to win.

First on the list is a new product from Olay in the regenerist line wrinkle revolution complex. I think its very good I really like the way it absorbs right away into the skin and makes if feel really smooth right away. Im a big fan of Olay and this product fits really well with their other products.

They have this available on amazon for a nice price and you can use your gift card to get it if you have any Olay at amazon

I have sample sizes of this product Im including in the giveaway. I will show you a picture of what you can win at the end of this post.

CoverGirl Lash blast Volume mascara- This is an awesome mascara that has a really unique brush that really coats the lashs in color very well its really easy to use. I really like it because my lashes are getting thinner as I get older and this product covers them well with little effort.

A full sized product sample is included in this prize pack.

You can get a deal on CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume at amazon here CoverGirl at amazon 3 pack deal

Next is Crest 3D white toothpaste and whitening strips.These are really great whitening oral care products. Is is any wonder that they were voted Marie Claire 25 best beauty products of 2010. I have sample and coupons to add to this giveaway of the white strips and small sample of the toothpaste.

you can get some deals on this at amazon too Crest 3D whitestrips at amazon

Next I have sample bottles of Pantene color preserve shine shampoo and conditioner . These are travel sized bottles and can be used several times so you get an idea of who well this works for you. I found this product really does help to make color last longer and add a bit of shine to dull color that has been on a while it smells nice too .

Pantene is available everywhere so I'm sure you do not need a link to it :)

The Picture shows what you get in this give away but ill list them here so you know for sure.

One full sized Lash Blast Mascara in Black

2 Crest 3D White samples with coupons each has one white strip and one toothpaste sample packets- the coupons are 7.00 off the white-strips and one dollar off the toothpaste.

one trial sized Pantene shampoo and One trial size conditioner of the color preserve shine.

2 trial sized tubes of Olay Regenerist Wrinkle revolution complex that include each a 3.00 off coupon.

OK now for the giveaway I have for you here is a picture of the prize there will be 2 ways to get entries the first one will be worth 25 entries- the second entry worth one entry- I will be shipping out this prize myself from my house to yours if you win- there will be one winner and the entries will be checked

First entry worth 25 entries is to go over to Style United and join up and become a friend in my circle you can go here to sign up is really fast and easy and worth 25 entries into this giveaway Click here to Join Style united
Extra entry worth one is like my facebook blog page at this link or you can find the like button on the right side of my blog at the top. Like me here
That's it I will pick a winner on March 1st please leave a comment in the comments below this blog post telling me which tasks you did for entries and leave me your email address so I can contact you for the address if you are my winner . Thanks for looking and good luck to you :)

Friday, February 17, 2012


Welcome to the FEBRUARY EXTREME CASH GIVEAWAY! Our last giveaway was a huge success with over 600,000 entries. This time we’re bringing you MORE PRIZES which means MORE CHANCES for YOU to win!

We are giving away:

(1) $300 Paypal Cash prize

(1) $200 Paypal Cash prize

(1) $100 Paypal Cash prize

(1) $50 Paypal Cash prize

(1) Kodak Easyshare Sport Camera

There are lots of entries available and this giveaway will go on for a whole month, so take your time! Be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back every day and claim your daily entries too. This giveaway ends 3/15 at 11:59 pm EST and is open worldwide. There are over 100 participating blogs, but you only need to enter the giveaway on one of our blogs. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Publix Italian Days sale on everything you need

Its Time to rejoin the Table and get everything you need to make that special Italian dish for you family with Publix Italian days sales. This is a great sale and has a bunch of really awesome items to stock up on.

Al dente pasta, savory sauces, hearty meatballs, these are just a few of the delicious ingredients that can be featured in authentic Italian cuisine.

When it comes to cooking traditional Italian dishes the possibilities are endless, and you don´t have to travel all the way to Italy to taste the tradition! With Italian Days, available exclusively at Publix, you can find great prices and coupon savings on some of your favorite brands including Progresso, Green Giant, and Muir Glen. Not to mention I'm looking at a fantastic 5.00 off 30.00 or more at Publix so the saving is even more valuable.This coupon is on the back of the booklet you will get with your sale papers.

I am able to have a giveaway for someone to win an awesome 25.00 Publix gift card and don't forget there is a fantastic sweepstakes on the publix website Click here for sweepstakes
that will enter you to win a 100.00 giftcard so be sure and enter that too.

to win the 25.00 giftcard I have to giveaway please use the rafflecopter form . If you cant see or use the form or if its hard to work with just do the tasks and leave a comment saying you did it with you email address so I can contact you if you win

Disclosure: The Publix Club gift card, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark." a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Olay Luscious Embrace body lotion Review

As most of you know I love Olay products and I recently came across the Olay Luscious Embrace body lotion. First I think this is a really good moisturizing body Lotion and its been my experience that it really keeps the skin soft all day.

I especially Liked the fragrance of this one with the crushed orchid infusion , its so pretty and a joy to put on.

Whats also really nice is you can get this scent in the body bar and other items for fragrance layering.

If you have not had a chance to try the Olay Luscious Embrace body lotion or body wash the next time you need one of these you might want to give it a try. I think its one of the better body lotions available and with the lovely scent its all good. Its available in a really nice big bottle with a pump dispenser so its even pretty to look at. Thanks for reading my review .

Ghiradelli Milk chocolate & Truffle Review

I was able to try the new Ghiradelli Milk chocolate & Truffle through Shespeaks and I have to say this is one of my favorite Ghiradelli flavors . Its a very rich flavor milk chocolate with a filling of creamy milk chocolate.

I really liked it and the whole bag lasted about 30 second in my house LOL I wanted to post about it because you may not have heard about this flavor and I hope you give it a try. I just love all things Ghiradelli and so do my girls and Husband. My Husband is a chocolate fanatic and really thought this new flavor a really good choice for Ghiradelli to make.

for me its awesome, because I cant eat to much dark chocolate unless I want to end up with a really bad headache. I only buy milk chocolate, so as not to be tempted to eat the dark and be sick all day.

I love this because I can have as many pieces and I want with no worry and the flavor is fantastic . I hope you give it try soon you will love it to . Thanks for reading my review

Monday, February 13, 2012

Really cool websites I just found -stuff to do

Wow I just found some really cool interactive useful websites just now through the Tasters club . They had me do some things for them that lead to these sites so I thought I would share them with you they are really awesome.

The first one is from Big Huge Lab .com but the area I really like is the make your own poster with their Motivator program . Its really cool and the picture I have up above is a poster I just made with them.

I thought this would be really useful to my facebook friends who do a lot of posting up pictures and motivational sayings. There are all kinds of things you can do on the suite and its free to join and do something but they do charge you if you want to buy a printed copy of your creations. Its like 10.00 for a professionally printed poster. but these are free to make and post up or download to the computer. here is a link Big huge labs Motivator page

The other one I found is called Fitday
FREE DIET AND WEIGHT LOSS JOURNAL Create a Goal, Track Food, Log Activity, & See Progress! and the basic is free so thats really awesome

Than the last one is Penzu write in private
This is a free online journal site so that you can do your private journal in a nice place with no one peeking and its easy to use and looks really cool. Anyway thats what I found I hope they are useful to you

Book Review The Jesus we Missed By Patrick Henry Reardon

I was able to read this book through Book Sneeze and here is what I found out about it . This would be a very good book for any person who is studying theology in college or for an in depth christian church discussion or book club.

I thought it was OK, but it was doing a bit more picking apart Jesus than I was looking for. Also, some of the words were college level and though not a problem for me, I'm thinking it would, or could be a problem for new Christians or simple readers.

In short this is not a simple book, but rather and very in depth look at the life of Jesus. There is a lot of discussion on why things are presented in the gospel they way they are, in the order they are and if Jesus did or did not know things beforehand or if he only new some things beforehand and round and round.

I gave this 4 stars because its a very in depth well thought out book written at a college level that would be helpful for theology students in their studies. It would also be good for a book discussion with let say church deacons or for those learning leadership in the church.

That being said I'm not sure this one would be for everyone, I thought it nit-picky and not as uplifting as I thought it would be . It did not really teach me anything and it tended to just make me sleepy. This is not to say it would not make for a wonderful book for those of us who are looking for a in depth study about the human side of Jesus. I just personally do not need all that much information and picking apart the scriptures to strengthen my faith. Thanks for reading my review

Product Review Schiff MegaRed Krill oil

I have to say I really am in love with MegaRed Krill oil from Schiff.

I am supposed to take fish oil for the Omega 3s in provides but I'm so sick of Giant horse pills.

I have a real problem with taking large pills even if they are coated or in gel cap formula. The reason I have problems with this is because, a few years ago I was careless taking some pills 2 at a time and very nearly choked to death on them. Ever since I'm paranoid about big pills and really dread psyching myself up to take them.

What I love about MegaRed, is it provides me with everything I need nutrition wise in a very small easy to swallow gel pill that does not give me any problems swallowing it.

I cant tell you how happy I am to have found out about it through a sampling offer they had a while back. You only need to take one pill a day to get as much omega 3s as you would taking one or even 2 (depending on strength ) of the other fish oil pills available.

I measured my old gel fish oil pills agents the Mega Red and its amazing, my old pills are about an inch long and the MegaRed Very tiny.

I love that you get these awesome benefits in them

Phospholipid Omega-3's for fast absorption

100% pure omega-3 krill oil 300mg

Powerful Antioxidants

No Fishy Odor or Aftertaste Here is a picture of the supplement facts

The only thing I thing they could do better with is making these a bit more easy to afford. I have been shopping around for them and see that sometimes walgreens has these on a buy one get one deal which is great if you can find it.

Also Amazon has these for a real nice price of 19.49 for 90 soft-gels with free shipping. This is a good price because I have seen them on shelves for 29.99 for a 30 count. Here is a link to the amazon deal I found for these. Amazon great buy deal Megared

You can find some helpful info about MegaRed at this website and sometimes they have coupons and samples so check back often. This is the official MegaRed website

I sure hopes you give MegaRed a try For your health, and I hope the link will help you get a good deal at amazon for them. I shop at amazon a lot, you can really get some great deals there. Thanks for looking at my review :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Running out ,Run into Publix

I was so happy to be selected to participate in the Publix blog spark for their Running out run in program starting now at Publix grocery stores. We love Publix and now with this great program you can get items that you run out of at awesome prices. Not only that, but you can sign up for a 5.00 rebate on these products.

Publix have figured out that sometime we just need to run in and buy an item that we use all the time and there by run out of very quickly so they put together a few well known and well loved products to not only save you money but time as well.

Some of the products on this list are - Yoplait yogurt flavor, Big G breakfast cereal or tube of Crest toothpaste.

We are always running out of things we use all the time and I'm so happy that Publix has made is so much easier and more economical to shop there for these items with this program.

As you can see from the picture a lot of good stuff is included with this awesome promo so the next time you find yourself running out of something why not choose Publix , you will save money and get in and out so much quicker. Publix is a great place to shop because the store environment is pleasant and prices are great.

By participating in the Blogspark I was give a publix gift care to use and to give one away on my blog for you to get some things you are Running out of.

The Publix gift card, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark. Are they not fantastic !!!! Don't forget to also get you rebate form for this program so you can save even more money at Publix Publix Running out Run in rebate form
And now for the Giveaway One lucky winner will win a 25.00 Publix gift card so they can check out all that Publix has to offer.I hope the raffle copter works well for you if you have problems with it you can always enter by comment the tasks you complete. Thanks for looking at my review :) a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fundraising with Sonfish Gear Great new tool for your fundraising needs

Fundraising with Sonfish Gear. If any of you have Fundraising on your minds for your church or organization that you may want to head over to Sonfish Gear and have a look at what they have to offer very soon. They will be having a lot of fundraising items for you to buy to re-sell that will make it so you can get money for your charity or church . you can check them out here. Sonfish Gear

Sonfish Gear is excited to help anyone from church organizations to community organizers with their fundraising needs. Sonfish Gear has a fundraising program in place that offers groups the opportunity to purchase Sonfish branded products at extremely low wholesale prices to resell for fundraising. Most items in the fundraising program allow at least a 50% profit margin, if not more. The best part is that Sonfish Gear offers custom and personalized products that bring the message of the Sonfish to your specific church, community group, mission trip, etc. Your friends, family and community are sure to love Sonfish Gear.

I think SonFish Gear will really come in handy and make it so your not worried about bake sales or rummage sales to make your charities quota. I hope if you have these things coming up on your calendar you will think of sonfish gear as a valuable tool to help you get through your project with ease . thanks for looking :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Review Before the Season Ends by Linore Rose Burkard

Review Before the Season Ends by Linore Rose Burkard

I got this awesome book on amazon in their top free 100 books list and Im soo happy I did. I have since bought the other 2 stories in this saga and cant wait till they come in.

I have read a lot of Christian fiction and now exclusively read only books that are of this caliber. I cant tell you how great this story is.

Before the Season Ends by Linore Rose Burkard, Is a true gem of a story. Its very hard to find a Christian Romance that offers not only a great love story but is also filled in really great Christian teaching.

A lot of the books I read sometimes just touch on Christian beliefs and scripture, you get a lot of story and little inspiration. Before the Season Ends, has a really great balance of story ,romance and inspiration.

This is the story of a Christian young lady who has been sent to her Aunt in London in the 1800s to have a season and find a husband. She is determined to find a Christian husband and feels sure God will answer her prayer ,even though she has no real fortune. Her aunt is funding the cost of the dresses and finery to present her to society in the hopes of making a acceptable match.

What follows is a set of circumstances that shows, truly, that all things work for the good for those who have faith that the Lord knows whats best for us even if we cant really see that at first.

I really loved this book , it was a joy to read and the Best Christian book I have read that has both story and faith based inspiration.

The really great thing is that the story continues in her next book which I bought on amazon in hard copy because I wanted to be sure I had it on my book shelves forever.

This is the kind of book you can read and read again. As I said I got this copy on my kindle for free last week, Im not sure if its still available for free but if it is, I encourage you to download it.

If you are looking for a great Christian story that has plenty of romance and atmosphere than look no more, this is it!

I am thankful that the Lord has made it possible for me to find an author who not only knows how to write a fantastic Regency romance but one who is able to incorporate sound Christian beliefs and situations that we can all learn from . Thank you Linore Rose Burkard ! PLEASE keep writing !