Monday, February 13, 2012

Really cool websites I just found -stuff to do

Wow I just found some really cool interactive useful websites just now through the Tasters club . They had me do some things for them that lead to these sites so I thought I would share them with you they are really awesome.

The first one is from Big Huge Lab .com but the area I really like is the make your own poster with their Motivator program . Its really cool and the picture I have up above is a poster I just made with them.

I thought this would be really useful to my facebook friends who do a lot of posting up pictures and motivational sayings. There are all kinds of things you can do on the suite and its free to join and do something but they do charge you if you want to buy a printed copy of your creations. Its like 10.00 for a professionally printed poster. but these are free to make and post up or download to the computer. here is a link Big huge labs Motivator page

The other one I found is called Fitday
FREE DIET AND WEIGHT LOSS JOURNAL Create a Goal, Track Food, Log Activity, & See Progress! and the basic is free so thats really awesome

Than the last one is Penzu write in private
This is a free online journal site so that you can do your private journal in a nice place with no one peeking and its easy to use and looks really cool. Anyway thats what I found I hope they are useful to you

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