Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Great King and his dog -a short story

This is a story of a great king, This King had a dog that he loved very very much. Although the King love the dog , this dog was not to interested in the king or his love for her, she was restless and ran away far from her king.

The dog traveled far and wide, she became lost in the world and came to a place that was dark and unloving. She was always cold and hungry and had to eat from trash cans because no one would care for her. She was lonely and dirty because the dark part of the world made her so.

The great king would call to her and beg her to come back to him so he could take care of her, but she snarled and ran away ,thinking she could go her own way and find her own happiness in the world.

Finely after a while The king sent the Prince of the land to find and save he dog from herself. The Prince had to suffer greatly through many trials to find her. The dog would always snarl and run away deeper into the darkness. Finely it came down to the Prince having to have to sacrifice himself so that the dog could live and that's what happened.

After the Prince died, his spirit showed the Dog all that she could have had and how much the King loved her. The dog never knew that someone could love her so much after all she did, that he would die to save her and bring her to the king.

The princes spirit cleaned up the dog and make her beautiful again. The prince gave her a spirit of peace so she no longer snarled at her king, nor ran away. The spirit of the prince took her back to her King who was so happy she was safe and could be with him again. The king brought the Prince back to life so the dog could thank him and be trained and guided by him through his love and compassion.

Because of the Prince the dog got to know the love of the King and how much he wanted her to be by his side always. The dog was so happy that she no longer had to eat out of the trash or drink dirty water and she wondered why she every thought that it was s good idea to leave her king.

The dog just waged her tail and thought "I am only a dog, and I do stupid things, but thanks to the prince and my king, I can be happy again and learn what it means to be a good dog now and that's all that matters" So the dog stayed By her King forever always thankful that the Prince saved her and loved her enough to bring her home.

I am the dog in this story , The king is God and the Prince is my Lord Jesus who saved me from myself :) A short story by Lori Alcorn Thanks for reading

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  1. AMEN! A wonderful story. I am glad that I am redemmed! His child and forever I am. :D