Friday, February 24, 2012

cafe creator post for the tasters club what my cafe would look like

I was asked by the tasters choice tasters club to create a cafe for them. This is what my cafe would look like if I could own one. They also asked me to answer some questions about my Cafe so here are the questions I answered for them regarding this activity. Below my answers are pictures of what my cafe would look like finished.

Whats the name of your Cafe

The Victorian reading room and cafe

How did I come up with this name

I love this period in history.

Whats the concept for this space

its would be very relaxed and filled with antique books to read while enjoying your coffee.

How did I come up with this idea

I always wanted to have this so I have been thinking about it.

The design of this cafe would be

soft antique lighting with scented candles antique furniture and shelves filled with books.

what would the atmosphere be

The atmosphere would be like stepping back in time to a beautiful Victorian parlor.

Whats on the Menu

There would be lots of great turn of the century bakery and cookies and pastries.

whats on the drink Menu

I would have tasters choice in all it flavors and some tea choices . maybe some old fashioned soda for soda drinkers

What other ideas would you include

I would also have some old antique magazines and newspapers to read a place to buy old antique postcards and coffee accessories and pots

here are the books I would have

here is the kind of china I would serve coffee in
On tables that looked like this
With lamps that looked like this
And Lots of really nice comfy chairs to relax in
Thats what my dream cafe would look like thanks for looking


  1. I would come and read at your place!!!! This era is my FAV TOO..

    1. Thanks for having a look at my cafe creation I really appreciate it a lot Pam :)

  2. Lori,

    I don't drink coffee but I would come to your cafe just to relax and read your books. It looks and sounds so calm and Serene. Great job.