Monday, February 13, 2012

Book Review The Jesus we Missed By Patrick Henry Reardon

I was able to read this book through Book Sneeze and here is what I found out about it . This would be a very good book for any person who is studying theology in college or for an in depth christian church discussion or book club.

I thought it was OK, but it was doing a bit more picking apart Jesus than I was looking for. Also, some of the words were college level and though not a problem for me, I'm thinking it would, or could be a problem for new Christians or simple readers.

In short this is not a simple book, but rather and very in depth look at the life of Jesus. There is a lot of discussion on why things are presented in the gospel they way they are, in the order they are and if Jesus did or did not know things beforehand or if he only new some things beforehand and round and round.

I gave this 4 stars because its a very in depth well thought out book written at a college level that would be helpful for theology students in their studies. It would also be good for a book discussion with let say church deacons or for those learning leadership in the church.

That being said I'm not sure this one would be for everyone, I thought it nit-picky and not as uplifting as I thought it would be . It did not really teach me anything and it tended to just make me sleepy. This is not to say it would not make for a wonderful book for those of us who are looking for a in depth study about the human side of Jesus. I just personally do not need all that much information and picking apart the scriptures to strengthen my faith. Thanks for reading my review

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