Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book review Clouds AcrossThe sun by Ellen Brazer | Gather

I was able to read this wonderful book by Ellen Brazer titled Clouds Across the Sun and I'm so glad I did .
The is historical fiction, but the story is so fascinating and compelling you will be wishing it was made into a movie more than once as I did .
The Story starts out in Naples Florida 1951 where we meat Jotto Wells as a young girl . From there we are taken to many places , Ellen's detailed description of places like Israel-Vilnius ,Poland are fantastic and I found this book to be unputdownable .
I do not want to spoil the readers adventure by describing the story much because its the story itself that will grab and hold you . This story has everything from intrigue and conspiracy to romance and happy endings as we follow Jotto on her journy of self discovery . This story may be fiction but its truly believable fiction and I thought many times while reading, what if this had actually happened and that thought alone gave me shivers .
This story is so filled with interesting characters that it totally captures the imagination like few novels can do . This is one of my book that I will read over and over again just to experience the discovery and journey again , and again .
Clouds Across the Sun is not only filled with factual information, its been so well researched as to be one of those rare novels that reads like history .
This is the story of a devious plan to take over the United States by Hitler's most trusted comrades as he charges them to educate there children and elevate them to positions of power - Clouds Across the Sun is the story of one of these children . Totally creative and superbly unique, It is a fantastic read for any history lover .
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


OK the embed code is not working here is the post again with linis to my twitter post and facebook post these should work fine hopefully thanks for reading
Ok this is an awesome opportunity and some of you have asked me how to become a vogue influencer like me , so of you may have seen my posts about the free cosmetics and the awesome Brahmin handbag I received . The influencer network said I could offer you a invite to take the survey to see if you would make a good influencer so I'm posting this because I know what an awesome opportunity this is . you will have the chance if picked to test out some great high end things from Vogue . here is the place to go to apply .

If that is not working as I expect it is not here is a link to the twitter post that I posted you can go through here and click that link to get to the questionnaire!/lorialcorn2006/status/62947268822695936
or you can find it on my facebook wall post that is also a clickable link my facebook name is
lorialcorn2006 if you need a link here it is!/profile.php?id=769949442

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Review for Kindred spirits By Clifford Neal

Kindred Spirits By Clifford Neal

I cant tell you how much I enjoyed this thoroughly researched, Interesting and Informative story .

This is fiction that reads like history complete with the rich atmosphere of Life in colonial America .

In Kindred Spirits, Mr Neal unveils a treasure Trove of ancestry making it possible for the reader to really get a feel for the era .

I am personally interested in this time period because my ancestors settled in America from Ireland around the same time, I only wish I knew as much about them as Clifford Knows about his ancestry .

Kindred Spirits By Clifford Neal is perfect historical fiction for people who love history.

From the excitement of dealing with native American laws and customs, to the romance William Neal finds with a lovely Native American woman , and on to the sacrifices they both must make to bring a peace between their two peoples .

Kindred Spirits is a thoroughly engrossing and entertaining read and I highly recommend it to any lover of American history .

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Kindred Spirits By Clifford Neal

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some awesome first impression about Anew... | Gather

This was from the freebies around March 9th I was worried about it because its been so long in coming but it did come in today- its a nice little kit here is a picture of it this is a 3 weeks supply not a full sized kit . if you ordered this too look out for it to come soon

The Kit comes with

Anew ultimate age repair cleanser

anew ultimate age repair day cream spf 25

Anew Ultimate age repair night cream

and the double anew ultimate contouring eye system with serum on the top and cream below that

I looked on the avon website and this kit sells for 39.00 which sound pretty pricey to me being a 3 week supply but its a great freebie . so far everyone is giving this 5 stars

this was what I got off the Avon site
. directions are

A $62 value! The ULTIMATE skin care regimen…now in a 4-piece starter kit! Restores the look of natural volume & cushion in just 3 days. The 3-step regimen includes:
STEP 1 – Cleanse with the Age Repair Cream Cleanser Try-It Size. Hydrates for hours with no greasy residue. Luxurious, creamy cleanser gently yet effectively removes impurities, as it helps condition skin. Formulated with Pro-Sirtuin TX Technology, it continually hydrates for hours without leaving a greasy residue. Skin feels radiantly clean and richly moisturized. Suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatologist-tested. Allergy-tested. 1.7 fl. oz.

STEP 2 – Moisturize with the Day Cream SPF 25 Try-It Size in the morning, and Night Cream Try-It Size in the evening. Each, .5 fl. oz.

STEP 3 – Treat with the Contouring Eye System. Unlock the power to reshape, repair & recontour your eyes. .59 total fl. oz. Concentrated Elixir provides 2X the level of an intensive densifying ingredient to help reduce the look of undereye bags and fat pockets. Use PM, under eye only, over Intensive Repair Cream. .09 oz. net wt. Intensive Repair Cream is formulated to restore elasticity as it reduces and firms. Use AM & PM, over entire eye area. .5 fl. oz.

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FOF Community | Fab Over Fifty

Join fab over 50 for lots of fun Im a guru there for beauty and books . this is a social networking for women over 50 ,I hope you join soon

FOF Community | Fab Over Fifty

Oh Happy day My Brahmin bag finely came in today :) | Gather

I was chosen to receive this fantastic handbag/ tote through the Vogue Influencer network its called the Anytime tote and will be available to purchase in May . I took some pictures of it ,the outside and inside so you could see detail , It came in a large Brahmin box and was encased in a protective Brahmin chamois storage bag with a note attached from Vogue and the Influencer network. it also has a warranty card that I have to fill out and send in . I'm not sure what this one will eventually sell for but most totes this size are priced anywhere from 245.00 to 295.00 . This is a awesome bag Just in time for summer ! needless to say I'm thrilled :)

Book Review Here Burns my candle by Liz Curtis... | Gather

I had the opportunity to read Liz Curtis Higgs Thrilling second novel Mine is the Night before reading this one titled Here Burns my Candle and I'm so happy I got a chance to see how this lovely story started .
I can say I truly enjoyed both novels .

Liz Curtis Higgs has the ability to really make you feel like you have been transported through time to Scotland in the 1740s . She is a fantastic historical fiction writer and it was a joy to read both novels .

In Here burns my candle we meet Elizabeth Kerr, a highlander by birth, she is now married to a lowlander , Lord Donald Kerr.
The Kerr family have always been loyal to the crown and Elizabeth must keep her Jacobite sympathies to herself and only wishes to be a good and faithful wife to her husband.
Elizabeth is fiercely loyal to Donald in spite of his many infidelities though it breaks her heart . She must learn how to draw strength from a belief system that is new to her ,having found no comfort in the old ways of her people .

This is a story of spiritual discovery and strength in a time of political upheaval and unrest .
I would recommend This story to anyone interested in this point in history or to any lover of historical fiction as they are both fantastic and satisfying reads . I would recommend reading Here burns My Candle first because you will get the full scope of the story as in unfolds . In Liz's Second book Mine is the Night you will see how far Elizabeth grows in strength as well as spirit .
please see my review for Mine is the night at this link thanks for reading my review and Thank you Liz Curtis Higg for writing a truly uplifting story .

Review Oscar De La Renta's Esprit Fragrance | Gather

I received a sample of Oscar De La Renta's new fragrance called Esprit the other day .

This is a lovely summer fragrance very floral but not to heavy its actually very refreshing as I'm use to really heavy perfumes that I can only wear on occasion , I can wear Esprit everyday with no problems . Its fresh and clean and very feminine with a natural floral scent that's never to heavy or over powering .