Monday, April 11, 2011

My Review for Kindred spirits By Clifford Neal

Kindred Spirits By Clifford Neal

I cant tell you how much I enjoyed this thoroughly researched, Interesting and Informative story .

This is fiction that reads like history complete with the rich atmosphere of Life in colonial America .

In Kindred Spirits, Mr Neal unveils a treasure Trove of ancestry making it possible for the reader to really get a feel for the era .

I am personally interested in this time period because my ancestors settled in America from Ireland around the same time, I only wish I knew as much about them as Clifford Knows about his ancestry .

Kindred Spirits By Clifford Neal is perfect historical fiction for people who love history.

From the excitement of dealing with native American laws and customs, to the romance William Neal finds with a lovely Native American woman , and on to the sacrifices they both must make to bring a peace between their two peoples .

Kindred Spirits is a thoroughly engrossing and entertaining read and I highly recommend it to any lover of American history .

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Kindred Spirits By Clifford Neal

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