Saturday, April 2, 2011

Book Review Here Burns my candle by Liz Curtis... | Gather

I had the opportunity to read Liz Curtis Higgs Thrilling second novel Mine is the Night before reading this one titled Here Burns my Candle and I'm so happy I got a chance to see how this lovely story started .
I can say I truly enjoyed both novels .

Liz Curtis Higgs has the ability to really make you feel like you have been transported through time to Scotland in the 1740s . She is a fantastic historical fiction writer and it was a joy to read both novels .

In Here burns my candle we meet Elizabeth Kerr, a highlander by birth, she is now married to a lowlander , Lord Donald Kerr.
The Kerr family have always been loyal to the crown and Elizabeth must keep her Jacobite sympathies to herself and only wishes to be a good and faithful wife to her husband.
Elizabeth is fiercely loyal to Donald in spite of his many infidelities though it breaks her heart . She must learn how to draw strength from a belief system that is new to her ,having found no comfort in the old ways of her people .

This is a story of spiritual discovery and strength in a time of political upheaval and unrest .
I would recommend This story to anyone interested in this point in history or to any lover of historical fiction as they are both fantastic and satisfying reads . I would recommend reading Here burns My Candle first because you will get the full scope of the story as in unfolds . In Liz's Second book Mine is the Night you will see how far Elizabeth grows in strength as well as spirit .
please see my review for Mine is the night at this link thanks for reading my review and Thank you Liz Curtis Higg for writing a truly uplifting story .

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