Tuesday, April 26, 2011


OK the embed code is not working here is the post again with linis to my twitter post and facebook post these should work fine hopefully thanks for reading
Ok this is an awesome opportunity and some of you have asked me how to become a vogue influencer like me , so of you may have seen my posts about the free cosmetics and the awesome Brahmin handbag I received . The influencer network said I could offer you a invite to take the survey to see if you would make a good influencer so I'm posting this because I know what an awesome opportunity this is . you will have the chance if picked to test out some great high end things from Vogue . here is the place to go to apply .

If that is not working as I expect it is not here is a link to the twitter post that I posted you can go through here and click that link to get to the questionnaire
or you can find it on my facebook wall post that is also a clickable link my facebook name is
lorialcorn2006 if you need a link here it is

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