Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book review Clouds AcrossThe sun by Ellen Brazer | Gather

I was able to read this wonderful book by Ellen Brazer titled Clouds Across the Sun and I'm so glad I did .
The is historical fiction, but the story is so fascinating and compelling you will be wishing it was made into a movie more than once as I did .
The Story starts out in Naples Florida 1951 where we meat Jotto Wells as a young girl . From there we are taken to many places , Ellen's detailed description of places like Israel-Vilnius ,Poland are fantastic and I found this book to be unputdownable .
I do not want to spoil the readers adventure by describing the story much because its the story itself that will grab and hold you . This story has everything from intrigue and conspiracy to romance and happy endings as we follow Jotto on her journy of self discovery . This story may be fiction but its truly believable fiction and I thought many times while reading, what if this had actually happened and that thought alone gave me shivers .
This story is so filled with interesting characters that it totally captures the imagination like few novels can do . This is one of my book that I will read over and over again just to experience the discovery and journey again , and again .
Clouds Across the Sun is not only filled with factual information, its been so well researched as to be one of those rare novels that reads like history .
This is the story of a devious plan to take over the United States by Hitler's most trusted comrades as he charges them to educate there children and elevate them to positions of power - Clouds Across the Sun is the story of one of these children . Totally creative and superbly unique, It is a fantastic read for any history lover .
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