Friday, January 20, 2017

Lost but not forgotten video review series

I have decided to put up some videos of past reviews for things I no longer have because they were destroyed in Hurricane Matthew some months ago.

I no longer have the joy of having these items in this series but wanted to do some kind of blogging while being displaced from my home so I may do a few of these

I lost many many things because their was 3 foot of water in the house and this nasty salt water destroys everything it touches and it has to be discarded so I wanted to fondly remember some of my favorite things .

Stuff I really miss

Xtava Rimini 1500w Iconic Hair dryer review -you should see what Im using now LOL

easy@Home Baby monitor I used this for keeping a watch on my front door since my room was so far from it I wanted to be able to hear if someone was their and who it was -This item was washed away

This was my Xtava auto hair curler really miss that product

I lost so much stuff but thats enough video for this post right now , Some things I did not do video review for are gone as well I really Loved my Mohawk Carpet it was the first to go as well as a lot of my clothing I had reviewed . anyway just trying to keep busy until I can move back to my house once they finish building it .