Monday, September 30, 2013

Update post for the FaceFX by Silk'n

Welcome to my latest update on how things are progressing with the FaceFX beauty tool by Silk'n I have been using. First I want to say that the company did end up sending me the serum to use with this tool because the one I was using that I had at home was not doing so great a job. I highly recommend using the serum that is for the FaceFX because I have seen much better results .

I took some photos today for this post in Macro so you can see how the skin on my face looks, clean and without any makeup, I am showing you the areas I treated with the FaceFX and you can clearly see that my face seems much smoother with less noticeable age spots and quite a bit of firmness.

I was so happy the company sent me the serum to use because I was experiencing a touch of redness from using a different serum I had here that was not made to use with the FaceFX. I had to use something because my face gets so dry after washing it that the tool would simply not glide over my skin properly.

I dis a video review so you could see the serum I did use and some more of my thoughts about my experiment with this beauty tool. I am using the FaceFx 3 times a week for 5 min each area to be treated so for me that 4 areas. I wanted to concentrate on my eye area and the area from my cheeks to the corners of my mouth where I was having a loss of firmness. I really think its going well so here are the photos I took so you could see the areas I treated with the FaceFX.

If you are reading this post for the first time please keep in Mind that I will be 54 in May. I think its doing a wonderful job and I can defiantly see improvement in skin texture, firmness and the lessening of age spots and wrinkles.

I hope you check out the FaceFX website and all the other great beauty tools that Silk'n makes at this link . thanks for having a look at my review and video.Silk'n web site

Thursday, September 26, 2013

My hope is found by Joanne Bischof review

I was able to read My hope is found by Joanne Bischof, Through Blogging for books. I had not read the first 2 book that go along with this so I was hesitant at first to give it a try.I had seen it available on blogging for books but its been my experience that when you do not read most books in order you have a hard time getting into it. This was NOT the case with My hope is found by Joanne Bischof.

First I did love the story is was great Christian fiction, second I liked that even though she did some re-caping I did not feel like it was to much or to little. People who have read the first 2 will not have to plod through lengthy re caps and at the same time those of use who did not read the first 2 will still get enough background info to enjoy coming in late to the story.

The basics of this book is about Gideon and Lonnie who were married and had a child . all was good until a woman from Gideon's past coves forward and says she is his rightful wife. Lonnie and Gideon have to part ways and that where this book comes in. I am not going to give away more of the story because it would spoil it for you. I think its a very nice and well written story that your sure to like.

Thanks for looking at my review :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Evand'e facial care products review

Welcome to my review for Evand'e skin care. I was sent 3 of their awesome product to try and review. First I have to say that these products have a boatload of really greet ingredients for your skin in a more natural way. Evand'e uses natures own botanicals and extracts to make these not only good for your skin but they offer them at a really fantastic price.

My absolute favorite product in this line is the Evand'e alcohol free pore minimizing toner I love it because you can really smell the wonderful extracts in it and its just such a pleasure to use. It sprays on so its also easy to use. After washing your face all you do is spritz it on and leave it dry before putting on a day or night cream. This one works well to close pores, and I do have some larger pores especially around my nose.

This Evand'e toner has in it lemon,Bilberry and elder flower it dose not sting and smells like a rare perfume which is very calming and so pretty. This one is only 7.99 on the Evand'e website and is a really great deal for all you get.

The second one I want to talk about is the facial wash it really works hard to get off the makeup and leave your skin soft and ready for the toner. This one has in it Aloe, passion fruit and Amla it is soap free and provided toning and hydrating. I loved the feel of this one as I used it. this one is 9.99 and is a full 6.8 fl oz. This make this wash not only good for your skin but easy to afford in any budget.

The next is the face and neck oil free moisturizer. This one had so many wonderful things in it like almond, shea Butter, fig and Ginko. all of these make for a really nice moisturizer that blends in well and smells great. This one is only 9.99

All of these Evand'e products are a wonderful more natural way to care for your skin and they wont break the budget. You get a lot of product for the price and they are made with such care you just cant go wrong using them.

I have tried some more natural skin care before and the problem with them is they smell bad. What I love about Evand'e products is that they smell great and also work well so you can get the best of both worlds. You can find out more about them at this link Evande facial care web site

I have not been feeling myself for a few days yet I really wanted to show these off on video review so I did that in the video below so you could accurately see packaging and see how the toner sprays on. sorry about not appearing in the video but you all know what I look like anyway. I hope you have a look at it so you can see just how pretty a bottle these come in and they do look so nice on a vanity.

I received these 3 products free to try through tomoson and am so happy I did they are quality natural products that have nothing harmful or irritating in them and I'm sure would be be a great addition to your skincare routine. If you are looking for the more natural or if you would like to stay in budget in your skin care choices I know you will love these. I also think they would be exceptional for those with sensitive skin. Thank for looking at my review.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi Review and giveaway

I was able to try these easy to use and effective laundry packs through Purex insiders and I really like them. Like all Purex products they clean really well and these also remove a lot of laundry stains easily. I love the convenience of using the packs because you just toss them into the laundry and they go to work.

The have both Oxi and Zout stain lifter in them they are a really complete laundry aid and you do not have to buy a whole bunch of products to do the same thing these do. I love Purex products because the works so well for the money, they are always a great price and they always work well. I love the action packs because they are really easy and they store very well too.

The only thing I wish would happen is that my stores would be quicker to get in new Purex products. I have some problem finding them unless I got to walmart. Because they works so well and cost less than other brands I always try and find them especially a newer product like this one. I am so glad I got to try these and will be asking my local grocery store to make room on the shelf for them.

I sure hope you give them a try soon thanks for reading my review and please enter the giveaway and you could win a free coupons for a free pack of Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi.PLEASE also have a look at the video review below thanks for looking :)

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Ozeri 10 inch Earth pan with 100% PFOA-Free Non-Stick Coating Review

Welcome to my review for the Ozeri 10 inch pan I got to try for this review. This is a really nice frying pan and its so much better for you to use because its has a 100% PFOA-Free Non-Stick Coating. This main photo is one I took when I got it in so you could see packaging I also did a video review so you could see what it looks like outside the box.

I loved cooking with this pan it is easy to clean and nothing sticks to it. I also love the look of it, its got a really nice green color to to and the bottom of the pan makes it so heat is evenly distributed.

As you can see its got a really nice handle on it that's longer and can be used in the oven. This pan is oven safe so its very versatile.

I really like that this Ozeri pan is really made safely, its free of all the harmful things that are found in a lot of non stick pans today. This Ozeri pan is made with nature in mind by using,ultra-safe ceramic coating derived from nature. This is a totally non stick pan that makes cleaning very easy and quick.

not only is it easy to clean but it also features a scratch-resistant 100 percent ceramic coating, making it a long lasting pan that's really safe to use with not harmful chemicals that can come out upon heating as some pans do.

This Ozeri pan is very sturdy, yet not to heavy that its hard to handle. This is a real plus for me because I have some trouble working with heavy pans. I found I could work with this Ozeri pan very easily and with no pain in my wrist. I also really love the magnetized bottom. it is so much nice to work with a pan that has this feature because it really stays put and the heat than evenly covers the cooking area so you get less hot spots or burning.

If you are looking for a fantastic frying pan that will make it really easy and safe to cook your favorite foods and thats really easy to clean I sure hope you give this really innovative Ozeri pan a try, you will be really glad you did because its an exceptional pan that not only cooks great but is also so nice to cook with. You can find this awesome Ozeri pan at amazon at this link.

Ozeri Frying pan Amazon

Here is the video so you can see the many features this awesome Ozeri pan has .

Thursday, September 19, 2013

FRAAS Scarfs for fall and winter review

I was recently able to try a beautiful FRAAS scarf to review on my blog and I was so pleased with the quality and appearance of it I just had to show it off on video review.

FRAAS makes some lovely Scarfs for fall and winter they are reversible and come in many lovely colors. They are extra long and wide so they will wrap around you nicely and make a bold fashion statement. You can also wear these on your head because they will cover your head nicely and protect you hair and ears from the chill of fall.

I love that they are reversible and add a touch of sophistication to anything you are wearing. I have seen these sold on amazon and you can get them there but you can also call FRAAS and they can hep you select the right scarf for you. I think these would make for a really wonderful holiday gift or just a nice gift to give any woman who is fashion conscious and would like to be warm this fall.

You can find FRAAS scarf at different stores and you can also call them if you would like to buy or find out where to find them in your area. there phone number is 212-575-0191

I hope you have a look at the video review because it will show you how beautiful it is and of course how it looks on me , here is a still shot of it as well thanks for looking at my review.

I received one free scarf so I could do this review

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Improve Your Memory with Prevagen review

I was able to try Prevagen by Quincy Bioscience and think it is a very unique and different Memory supplement and I am so happy I was able to try it and tell you all about it. I was sent a sample through Tomoson to try in a 30 day supply .

I have use many a memory supplement because my memory is just not as sharp as it use to be. I am now 53 and it seems that My short term memory is getting bad so I am always looking for a memory supplement that is new and cutting edge as this one is . The awesome thing about Prevagen, is it does not have caffeine in it and you cant say that about most memory supplements.

The active ingredient in Prevagen, is a substance called apoaequorin, which was originally found in a certain species of jellyfish. Its is a totally tested and different approach to aiding memory and its works very well. I did not experience any side effects while taking it and I did notice an improvement in my focus and memory early on. I was told it might take a while and for some people it may, but for me I found it to be very quick in helping me focus and for some reason making me be in a better mood. I'm not sure if you will experience a better mood but I know I felt that and was really surprised by that so I am including this happy note in my review and video.

I think this is a much better supplement for memory than the product I was taking because I get plenty of caffeine in the tea I drink and really do not need a bunch more, and this is what makes Prevagen so different. While testing this product I find that I can focus better and have a better memory which is really great because I hate having lost some of my focus due to aging as I use to have a really great memory.

If you suffer from some memory loss or loss of being able to focus on your tasks at hand or know someone who does I sure hope you give Prevagen a try its been painstakingly tested and is now available to buy at CVS and other stores.

You can find out more about Prevagen at this link


You can find out more about Quincy Bioscience here at this link

Quincy Bioscience web site

I did a video review so you could see what the bottle looks like and the size of the capsule and to hear my thought about it here is that video review

I think everyone who has some problems with memory or focus should at least try Prevagen because its very safe to use and will not load you down with stimulants that you really don't need. Thanks for looking at my review !

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Scott's Liquid Gold Dust N Go wipes review

I was so happy I was selected to try the Scott's Liquid Gold Dust N Go wipes, firstly because I really love Scotts Liquid gold products and now they are making even more products to help you keep you house clean even in the busy back to School time of year.

I have a bunch of wood furniture in my home and many antique cases that belong to my Fathers collection. These antique boxes have to be taken care of in a gentle yet through way so they keep there shine and luster.

Here is a photo of one of these boxes, we have many and they all have to be kept dusted and looking shinny.

I trust Scott's Liquid Gold Dust N Go wipes to care for this and the other boxes. These clean well make everything shinny yet do not damage the item. I also have what I call my cabinet of curiosities in my room. I have a bunch of different and unique collectibles in it that require a lot of dusting. These items can be dusted with the Scotts Dust n Go wipes quickly leaving them looking clean and pretty.

Here is what that project looks like.

As you can see I have many items that need dusted and Scott's Liquid Gold Dust N Go wipes help me do that quickly saving me so much time and effort. I sure hope you give them a try and now you can take advantage of a coupon you can print to save money on your purchase. here is a link you can go to to print a coupon.

summer savings coupon link

You can also find out more info about these products at the Scotts Liquid Gold website here Scotts liquid Gold web site

Scotte Liquid gold also has a facebook page which you can find here also friend them on facebook here

I did a short video review so you could see the product I got to try and my thoughts about can see that video review below.

All in all I love this Scotts product it make cleaning easier and fun with a lovely scent that's hard to resist. I got to try a free canister of the Scotts Liquid gold dust n go wipes through Tomoson but my opinions are my own. Thanks for reading my review :)

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Publix Flavor Excursion event great products great prices

Everyone knows that I love Publix grocery stores. its not only so pleasant to shop at Publix but its also a great place to find great deals with their awesome sales and events .

I received a gift card through my blog spark and general Mills so I could try out there new Event called the Publix Flavor Excursion. This event is filled with so many awesome things to add flavor and goodness to your dinner plans.

My favorite product in this sale is the Pompeian olive oil because I cook everything in Olive oil and this deal is a buy one get one. I live stocking up on olive oil because it can be the most expensive item you need to have on hand all the time.

Publix has so many wonderful items on sale in the event you will be sure to find just what your looking for to make an flavorful dinner. Some of the product featured are. Bertolli pasta sauce 2 for 4.00

Ronzoni Pasta buy one get one

Kraft anything dressing buy one get one

and another favorite of mine is the great Giant buy one get one on the valley fresh vegetables or steamers.

All of these products and many more are part of this Publix event and are so very stock up able you could save big by taking advantage of this sale.

Publix grocery stores are so focused on your shopping pleasure that they make sure that products on sale are stocked and that any savings are available to you. Publix is also so very coupon friendly that you will never have a problem with any coupon you might have. The environment of publix is also so very pleasant because its always kept tidy and clean and has the best produce you can by. I hope you all stop by Publix and take advantage of the savings in this Publix Flavor Excursion event.

I also hope you visit the Publix website so you can see all the many different items in this sale. Here is a link for you to visit the Publix website.


You can also find them on facebook here

Publix on Facebook

You can print coupons to use at Publix by visiting this link Everyday savings printable coupons

I sure hope you check out all that Publix has to offer, there will be so many really great events this year and you could not find a better place to shop in my opinion.

I was provided a gift card in order to shop Publix through my blog spark and General Mills. My opinions are my own I love Publix where its a really pleasure to shop. thanks for reading my review.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kashi Sea Salt & Olive Oil Hummus Crisps

I got to try thee recently through bzzagent and I think they make for an awesome chip to go with my favorite Hummus. The flavor is great and chips really crisp. These stand up to dipping and are better for you than traditional chips for dipping. Kashi Hummus chips come in different varieties so you can be sure to get the right one for your needs. I got to try the Olive oil and sea salt flavor but they also make a tomato and basil-feta, which sounds awesome and a caramelized onion.

Kashi makes things that not only taste great but are so much better for you and these chips have a lot going for them . These have at least 5g of whole grain, Protein and fiber they taste great and are sure to be a favorite for dips or just snacking.

The next time you are looking for a fantastic party chip or just on those days you want a heather chip to dip with I hope you give these a try .

I did get to try these free through bzzagent but my opinions are my own thanks for reading

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Levenger Work and Play iPad Folio and Kindle Fire case Review

Welcome, to my review for the really wonderful Levenger items I got to try. These are the Work and Play iPad Folio and Kindle Fire case. I am so happy I got to review both these Levenger products, They are so different and beautiful.

With as much money as we spend on our tablets or other deceives it really pays to protect them, and Levenger has everything you could want to do just that and more.

The first thing I want to tell you about is the Kindle Fire case I got to try. I just got my Kindle fire and really wanted to be sure it was not only well protected, I wanted it to look good as well. The Kindle cover that Levenger sent me to try is just so pretty and it matches my high end handbag very well. Here are some pictures of my kindle fire in the case and I ask you also look at the video review because you will be able to see that, and the Work and Play iPad Folio in action.

In the video review I will show you just how nicely this matches my fall handbag they are like twins! I love the look and feel of this Kindle fire case it not only helps me keep it secure it has a special stand for incline reading or watching video. It is so well made and really makes a statement when I take out my kindle to show or use. I think Levenger products are not only advanced protection for your device but that are so stylish and unique as well.

If you think that's awesome you are going to love the Levenger Work and Play iPad Folio. This Folio makes it so easy to not only protect your investment but it provides you with different ways of using it. You can see this best in the video demonstration.

The Work and Play iPad Folio comes with a writing tablet so you have a handy way of taking notes while using your iPad. Under the flap on the right side are slots for keeping your credit cards in or any business card you want to have handy. It is all leather and the frame that holds the iPad can be removed from the folio by disengaging the magnetic attachments. Your iPad is still really well protected in this leather envelop if you want to use it with out the folio. Putting it back in is a breeze because the strong magnets snap it right back to the base of the folio and your ready to go.

The Levenger Work and Play iPad Folio is designed to be especially handy for viewing your iPad on a desk top and it can be folded so the folio sits in an upright position for easy desk viewing. It is at the right angel to watch a movie and stay put while doing it. Like I said the video will show you how to do all these things so please have a look at it. The cover its self is beautiful leather that is available and different colors. Here are some still shots of the Levenger Work and Play iPad Folio with the iPad in it .

This shot is in the upright position for easy viewing

Here is what it looks like opened with the tablet handy

Here is what it looks like without the iPad in it

As you can see its a versatile as it can be with so many different ways of protecting and helping you enjoy your iPad. Levenger makes just about anything you could want for your devices and I hope you check them out at the link below. You will find totally unique items for the office as well and they have really great prices. You can check them out at this link Levenger

I did a video review so you could see the many features of both of these Levenger product because you just have to see for yourself how easy they are to use , how beautiful they look and how much they will protect your device.

With all of the many items on the Levenger web site you are sure to find the right one for your iPad, Kindle, Kindle Firs or other tablet as well as other really really cool stuff. Thanks for looking at my review please see my video below it will really help you make and informed decision .:)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Renuzit Cones for freshness and decor review and giveaway

I was so happy be have been able to try these really nice Renuzit cones in so many lovely fragrances. I was actually so excited to try them out I had forgotten to take a photo of them before I took off the wrappers! As you can see from the photo above only one has a wrapper and I had to run to the store to get that one so I could at least show you what they do look like wrapped up.

I guess you can tell from my excitement that I really love these, they work well and are really great to put all over the home for a nice scent in the area. The Scents I got to try were , After the Rain ,Simply Vanilla,Tahitian Breeze and Hawaiian Oasis. Each of these just smell soo pretty your are going to want to collect them all.

Besides providing awesome scent these also blend in really well with your decor, some of them come in a nice black holder that makes it really easy to put in an area with darker furniture or on top a TV like I put mine. It blends in so well that no one notices its sitting there.I am adding a few photos I got on like with the wrappers in tact so you can see the kind I got to try so you can find them in the store. I feel so bad I jumped the gun and had a crazy moment and did not think to take a photo but you will get the idea from this photo.

These come in so many scents and they are only 1.00 at most stores you really cant go wrong trying them. I think these work really good in a entry way like we have here. its stuffy there and its nice to come into the house and smell something good rather than low tide which is such a problem where I live.

They Also work really well in a bathroom or other smaller area where bad smells can linger. I sure hope you give them a try and I will be holding a giveaway so someone will win 2 free coupons to try a scent for themselves just enter the simple raffle copter form below. Thanks and Good Luck !

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was provided free Renuzit cones to try through purex insiders but my opinions are my own . These Rock !

God in Slow Motion By Mike Nappa

I was able to read God In slow Motion by Mike Nappa through book sneeze and think its a wonderful book. This book really helped me with its Reflections on Jesus and the 10 Unexpected Lessons You Can See in His Life. I loved the personal testimonies and I learned from them. I love Mikes writing style and he can really get a point across that make him such a great teacher.

I think this is a great book for personal use or even for a study group it gives us a different perspective of some of the teachings of Jesus in a fresh new way. I really am so happy I was selected to review it for Book sneeze. I recommend it to anyone who would be interested in a deeper detailed understanding of the lessons that were taught by Jesus in and very easy to understand book.

God in Slow Motion By Mike Nappa, is uplifting and also so interesting that it will be a blessing to you has it has been for me. I sure hope you give it a try you will learn so much and be happy you read it. Thanks for reading my review :)

What once was lots by Kim Vogel Sawyer review

I was able to read What once was lots by Kim Vogel Sawyer through blogging for books. This is a Christian fiction book that taks place in the 1890s in the west and is a very good and interesting book.

This is the story about Christina Willems who has take over her fathers ministry running the Brambleville Asylum for the poor. Christina is very happy with her ministry and the people she cares for. Than a tragedy strikes and Christian is forced to go through many trials of her faith and will shake the foundations of her much loved ministry.

I liked this book a lot but found it really hard to like the towns people in it and many of the characters, at time I even disliked Christina. This book dose show however that those who love God can always be sure things will work out for the best for them regardless of what things look like. I recommend this book for anyone who like christian fiction its a nice long read with many twists and turns you will not see coming . Thanks for reading my review