Monday, September 30, 2013

Update post for the FaceFX by Silk'n

Welcome to my latest update on how things are progressing with the FaceFX beauty tool by Silk'n I have been using. First I want to say that the company did end up sending me the serum to use with this tool because the one I was using that I had at home was not doing so great a job. I highly recommend using the serum that is for the FaceFX because I have seen much better results .

I took some photos today for this post in Macro so you can see how the skin on my face looks, clean and without any makeup, I am showing you the areas I treated with the FaceFX and you can clearly see that my face seems much smoother with less noticeable age spots and quite a bit of firmness.

I was so happy the company sent me the serum to use because I was experiencing a touch of redness from using a different serum I had here that was not made to use with the FaceFX. I had to use something because my face gets so dry after washing it that the tool would simply not glide over my skin properly.

I dis a video review so you could see the serum I did use and some more of my thoughts about my experiment with this beauty tool. I am using the FaceFx 3 times a week for 5 min each area to be treated so for me that 4 areas. I wanted to concentrate on my eye area and the area from my cheeks to the corners of my mouth where I was having a loss of firmness. I really think its going well so here are the photos I took so you could see the areas I treated with the FaceFX.

If you are reading this post for the first time please keep in Mind that I will be 54 in May. I think its doing a wonderful job and I can defiantly see improvement in skin texture, firmness and the lessening of age spots and wrinkles.

I hope you check out the FaceFX website and all the other great beauty tools that Silk'n makes at this link . thanks for having a look at my review and video.Silk'n web site

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