Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What once was lots by Kim Vogel Sawyer review

I was able to read What once was lots by Kim Vogel Sawyer through blogging for books. This is a Christian fiction book that taks place in the 1890s in the west and is a very good and interesting book.

This is the story about Christina Willems who has take over her fathers ministry running the Brambleville Asylum for the poor. Christina is very happy with her ministry and the people she cares for. Than a tragedy strikes and Christian is forced to go through many trials of her faith and will shake the foundations of her much loved ministry.

I liked this book a lot but found it really hard to like the towns people in it and many of the characters, at time I even disliked Christina. This book dose show however that those who love God can always be sure things will work out for the best for them regardless of what things look like. I recommend this book for anyone who like christian fiction its a nice long read with many twists and turns you will not see coming . Thanks for reading my review

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