Tuesday, September 3, 2013

God in Slow Motion By Mike Nappa

I was able to read God In slow Motion by Mike Nappa through book sneeze and think its a wonderful book. This book really helped me with its Reflections on Jesus and the 10 Unexpected Lessons You Can See in His Life. I loved the personal testimonies and I learned from them. I love Mikes writing style and he can really get a point across that make him such a great teacher.

I think this is a great book for personal use or even for a study group it gives us a different perspective of some of the teachings of Jesus in a fresh new way. I really am so happy I was selected to review it for Book sneeze. I recommend it to anyone who would be interested in a deeper detailed understanding of the lessons that were taught by Jesus in and very easy to understand book.

God in Slow Motion By Mike Nappa, is uplifting and also so interesting that it will be a blessing to you has it has been for me. I sure hope you give it a try you will learn so much and be happy you read it. Thanks for reading my review :)

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