Thursday, September 19, 2013

FRAAS Scarfs for fall and winter review

I was recently able to try a beautiful FRAAS scarf to review on my blog and I was so pleased with the quality and appearance of it I just had to show it off on video review.

FRAAS makes some lovely Scarfs for fall and winter they are reversible and come in many lovely colors. They are extra long and wide so they will wrap around you nicely and make a bold fashion statement. You can also wear these on your head because they will cover your head nicely and protect you hair and ears from the chill of fall.

I love that they are reversible and add a touch of sophistication to anything you are wearing. I have seen these sold on amazon and you can get them there but you can also call FRAAS and they can hep you select the right scarf for you. I think these would make for a really wonderful holiday gift or just a nice gift to give any woman who is fashion conscious and would like to be warm this fall.

You can find FRAAS scarf at different stores and you can also call them if you would like to buy or find out where to find them in your area. there phone number is 212-575-0191

I hope you have a look at the video review because it will show you how beautiful it is and of course how it looks on me , here is a still shot of it as well thanks for looking at my review.

I received one free scarf so I could do this review

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