Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Levenger Work and Play iPad Folio and Kindle Fire case Review

Welcome, to my review for the really wonderful Levenger items I got to try. These are the Work and Play iPad Folio and Kindle Fire case. I am so happy I got to review both these Levenger products, They are so different and beautiful.

With as much money as we spend on our tablets or other deceives it really pays to protect them, and Levenger has everything you could want to do just that and more.

The first thing I want to tell you about is the Kindle Fire case I got to try. I just got my Kindle fire and really wanted to be sure it was not only well protected, I wanted it to look good as well. The Kindle cover that Levenger sent me to try is just so pretty and it matches my high end handbag very well. Here are some pictures of my kindle fire in the case and I ask you also look at the video review because you will be able to see that, and the Work and Play iPad Folio in action.

In the video review I will show you just how nicely this matches my fall handbag they are like twins! I love the look and feel of this Kindle fire case it not only helps me keep it secure it has a special stand for incline reading or watching video. It is so well made and really makes a statement when I take out my kindle to show or use. I think Levenger products are not only advanced protection for your device but that are so stylish and unique as well.

If you think that's awesome you are going to love the Levenger Work and Play iPad Folio. This Folio makes it so easy to not only protect your investment but it provides you with different ways of using it. You can see this best in the video demonstration.

The Work and Play iPad Folio comes with a writing tablet so you have a handy way of taking notes while using your iPad. Under the flap on the right side are slots for keeping your credit cards in or any business card you want to have handy. It is all leather and the frame that holds the iPad can be removed from the folio by disengaging the magnetic attachments. Your iPad is still really well protected in this leather envelop if you want to use it with out the folio. Putting it back in is a breeze because the strong magnets snap it right back to the base of the folio and your ready to go.

The Levenger Work and Play iPad Folio is designed to be especially handy for viewing your iPad on a desk top and it can be folded so the folio sits in an upright position for easy desk viewing. It is at the right angel to watch a movie and stay put while doing it. Like I said the video will show you how to do all these things so please have a look at it. The cover its self is beautiful leather that is available and different colors. Here are some still shots of the Levenger Work and Play iPad Folio with the iPad in it .

This shot is in the upright position for easy viewing

Here is what it looks like opened with the tablet handy

Here is what it looks like without the iPad in it

As you can see its a versatile as it can be with so many different ways of protecting and helping you enjoy your iPad. Levenger makes just about anything you could want for your devices and I hope you check them out at the link below. You will find totally unique items for the office as well and they have really great prices. You can check them out at this link Levenger

I did a video review so you could see the many features of both of these Levenger product because you just have to see for yourself how easy they are to use , how beautiful they look and how much they will protect your device.

With all of the many items on the Levenger web site you are sure to find the right one for your iPad, Kindle, Kindle Firs or other tablet as well as other really really cool stuff. Thanks for looking at my review please see my video below it will really help you make and informed decision .:)

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