Thursday, May 16, 2013

Second Chances More Stories of Grace By Max Lucado book review

I got a chance to read Second Chances More Stories of Grace By Max Lucado through book sneeze . I love Max Lucado he is a fantastic writer and he always dose a great job with all of his works.

In this book Max tells us stories from a scripture passage, Its not a commentary but more a retelling. He really does this well and I loved all of the stories in this book. The way Max did this was to take a passage of scripture and than create a story around it so we can see if from a more contemporary angle.

What I did was read it as part of my morning devotional, The chapters are really good for this and you can read them one each day as I did and than digest what Max is trying to get across.

I really like it, I think it would make for a fantastic gift for anyone who wants to learn from these stories but also get a different way of looking at these passages of scripture . I hope you give this one a chance, it would also make for a great gift. I am a huge Fan of Max Lucado and I am very glad I was able to read Second Chances.

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