Friday, August 2, 2013

The BedLounge by Cequal the very best you can get in a Lounger for comfort and style -review

Welcome to my review for the The BedLounge by Cequal. I was able to try one recently and I have to say this BedLounge is so much better Than the one I had. First this Lounger has so many features that you just can find in others you may see at the store.

I am embedding the video first,I hope you will have a look at it because I will be showing you close up shots of the features below but would love it if you saw the video because it will give you info that still shots cant capture. In this video I decided to do a comparison of The BedLounge by Cequal, and the one I had here at the house that pales in comparison.

As you can see with The BedLounge by Cequal you are getting a positional head rest that can be moved up or down and rolled forward for neck support while reading or watching TV, you can Move the head/neck rest up or down in height for maximum control and comfort .

The bedLoungs makes it easy to sit straight or even rock back for a back relaxing position. This product comes in different forms and colors to match the colors in your home. You can get the back support pillow in feather down or a fiber filled depending on you comfort ideal.

The BedLounge has side pockets that button closed so you can put you TV remotes in it or maybe a book so its handy. The back of the The BedLounge is very sturdy with lots of support for the back and the Neck/ headrest is soft and comfy.

You can get your Bedlounge in many different colors, I picked the Burgundy even though I am saying maroon in the video (this was a hard video to make because I wanted to show you features while holding a camera so forgive the color mistake)

The BedLounge is Oh so comfortable and the longer arm rests make is so nice to rest your arms on while reading. I read a lot and need a bit of arm support while doing it. I can say its so much nicer that the one I had ,that would be the green one you see in the video and photo. I really wanted to show you the difference between the two so you really get a feel for the comfort you would experience with The BedLounge. Other Loungers are really just a pillow with arms and usually these arms are to short to really be effective support.

The BedLounge was invented by Dr. Robert Swezey, M.D., leading specialist in non-surgical neck & back pain treatment, to make lounging effortless and enjoyable Here are some picture of both the The BedLounge by Cequal and a typical lounger you might see in a store.

here is a side by side of the Bedlounge and the other I have had. You can see the difference in construction right away Here are close up photos of the different features the BedLounge has the other does not

This is a shot of the Pockets that are on both arms of the Beblounge.

This is a photo of the back and how the head/neck rest is adjustable and can be moved up or down as you want it to be.

This is the pocket where the back support pillow goes and you can get it in feather down like I did or a fiber for firmer support.

This photo shows you how far you can extend the head/neck rest. I could not show you this feature on video because I had to hold the camera so I took a still shot of it.

This is how the arm ties work for storage or transport its a nice feature to have.

The bottom line is , The BedLounge is carefully constructed with the best possible materials for superior comfort and durability,that can not be found in the ordinary lounger.

I have a promo code for you that will give you $25 off each BedLounge. The promo code is LORI and it will be available 2 weeks from the date of this post. I hope you take advantage of the savings- For more information and ordering info please have a look at the website below,and thanks for looking at my review. BedLounge web site

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