Saturday, August 3, 2013

Certian Dri AntiPerspirant review

Welcome to my review for Certian Dri AntiPerspirant. I got to try and stick free in order to do this review. what I found out is this stuff really works and will keep you dry for 72 hours.

Whats really nice about this is it will keep working even after bathing,swimming or showering and that's amazing.

I have a lot of night sweats due to menopause so I am always looking for a hardworking product to keep me dry and comfortable.I was a bit surprised the Certian Dri Anti-Perspirant works so well to keep me dry all day and night its really awesome.

If you need a really effective product to keep you dry and fresh I hope you give Certian Dri a try. Its really easy to use and you put it on at night before bed so that it can work while you sleep to shrink pores so it can stop perspiration effectively.

You also do not need to use a bunch a little goes a long way and it will keep working for 72 hours, this alone makes it a great value. This product has a very light powder scent that's pleasant and will not clash with a perfume. You do need to wait until the product drys before putting on clothing because it can discolor them if you put on your cloths to quickly after applying it.

You can get Certian Dri AntiPerspirant in a solid like I have or a roll on depending on what you like. I did a video review for Certian Dri AntiPerspirant so you could have a look at it and hear my thoughts about it. Thanks for looking at my review you can buy Certian Dri AntiPerspirant at Walgreens,Walmart,Target,Fred Meyer,Meijer

You can find out all about this product on there website at this link Certain Dri

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