Thursday, November 21, 2013

Carmex Moisture Plus Limited Edition stick Uniquely You review and giveaway

Welcome to my review for the new and awesome Carmex Moisture Plus Limited Edition stick Uniquely you. These new Carmex sticks come in different patterns that reflect your personal style. You can take the quiz to see which tube is your best match for personal style.

I took the quiz and my style is Chic and that's true I love that nice pattern on the carmex tube it goes really well with my purse and other stuff I wear. This quiz is only a few questions long and if you take it and tell me in the comments what your results were you could be picked to win the whole collection.

The collection starts with a leopard print tube that for a adventurous personality its really pretty Next is the purple print for a fab personality than a lovely multi colored 60s kind of print for the whimsical personality and finely the Chic print which is black and white checks and very nice/

You could win all 4 of these and be set for a while in Carmex moisture pulse which is my favorite Carmex product. I love everything about it and would not be without it it works well and has a pleasant taste it really keep my lips moist. I sure hope you take the quiz and let me know your results in the comments. You can find the quiz here at this link.

Carmex quiz

Fill out the raffle copter and be sure to leave a comment about your quiz results I will pick a winner on 12/5/13, Thanks and good luck

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  1. Your Style Is: Adventurous
    You’re a daring rocker-chick with bold style to match.

  2. Apparently I'm an Adventurous Rocker Chick! Who knew, lol