Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dei Fratelli Truly Tomato's for chefs Review

Welcome to me review for Dei Fratelli Truly Tomato's for chefs. I am so sorry about the pronouncing error in the video I must have been having a senior moment when reading the carton my eyes are not the best and I really thought it said Deli but its actually DEI . Sorry about that! Anyway These awesome tomato's are pre-cut and packaged for a much better flavor than you would get from caned tomato's. The carton keep them from tasting over processed, They are very fresh tasting and you just can't get a better shelf stable tomato product.

The difference is in the processing these go from the vine to the carton very quickly and will make any recipe you have taste much better than just opening a can of tomato s. I make several dinners that call for caned tomato's and I have to say these are very flavorful and fresh tasting all my recipes.

For this post Ill tell you about my Un-stuffed cabbage dish I make, its great for colder days and very healthy. If you like stuffed cabbage but do not want to go through all the hassle in making it this is quite a time saver and I got the recipe from a friend on facebook. I do some things different in that I like to use ground pork for a better flavor. I think it tastes better than hamburger and is often less expensive that hamburger its also a bit leaner.

Here is the recipe for Un-stuffed Cabbage I steam the cabbage after chopping it up until its mostly done. Than I brown and season really good the ground pork. Some of the spices I use are onion powder, sage, a poultry season mix and Thyme. Once That's all done I added the Dei Fratelli Truly Tomato's and a jar of my favorite spaghetti sauce. I use this because I think the spaghetti sauce tastes better than just a tomato sauce , I do add a touch of sugar to take out the edge but you don't have to do that I just like things sweet. Add the cabbage and stir it up and let it simmer until the Cabbage is done enough for you. I like really soft cabbage but some like it under done. Here is a photo of what it look like ready to serve

This is just a nice dinner and great for cold winier days with very little hassle. I can tell you that this recipe came out a lot nicer using the Dei Fratelli Truly Tomato's. I did a video review for these Tomato's and hope you have a look at it so you can really see how innovative the packaging is. You can find out more about this product and other products that Dei Fratelli make at this link

Dei Fratelli web site

Here is the video review I Know I'm being rather stupid saying deli but I really though that was the name its actually pronounced DEI so please excuse the error in the name thanks also thanks for reading and looking at this review I sure hope you give Dei Fratelli tomato's a try soon you will love them for all your recopies. PLEASE LOOK FOR DEI FRATELLI IN STORES AND ONLINE

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