Saturday, December 14, 2013

CleanSmart hand sanitizer review

Welcome to my review for CleanSmart hand sanitizer. I love so many things about this sanitizer one being its alcohol free. This is a huge deal because alcohol can be very drying to the skin when used all the time through out this cold and flu season. CleanSmart actually will moisturize you hands because they use very different ingredients in it than others.

This product contains Hydrochlorous acid the very same chemical your body uses to fight off germs and infection. Its 99.9% effective agents germs. I really like the spray its easy to use and works well it has no odor.Its gentile on the environment and safe for kids to use.

I think through this cold and flu season everyone should be using a really great hand sanitizer like CleanSmart. I would suggest you use it often but especially when shopping. Shopping cart handles are filled with germs and its the one sure way to get a cold because you are being exposed to the germs from all the other people who have use that cart. I have seen people sneezing in there hands and than gripping a cart handle right away. I think these things spread more colds than doorknobs in my opinion.

CleanSmart will protect you and not dry out your hands its going to be available at the first of the year in stores but for now available online. I sure hope you give it a try this cold and flu season its easy to use and you will be getting so much more protection than in the alcohol based hand sanitizers. I was provided sample to try and I just love them all, my favorite is the spray because its really quick to use. you can find out more at the CleanSmart website at this link

CleanSmart home

This is an awesome new product and is sure to help you fight germs throughout the season thanks for looking

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