Monday, December 24, 2012

Ateevia Botanica pain cream Review

I was so happy to be selected try Ateevia Botanica pain cream because since I have moved closer to the water in Florida I seem to be having a whole lot of pain in my joints. I wanted something that would work well and be easy to use but not have an unpleasant odor like some creams have.

I found that Ateevia Botanica pain cream, not only helps a great deal with the pain in my shoulder that I have had for years it also is very effective on my keen pain which is something new since moving. I really love this pain cream for many reasons . for one thing it dose not stink, and its really easy to apply . Ateevia goes into the skin and starts a bit of a tingle so you know its working and it does work very well. As I said in the video review I am not completely surrounded by water and the cooler winds coming off the ocean and hitting the cold water of the inter coastal water ways really is killing my joints. I did not have half this problem where I use to live.

All I can say is thank goodness for Ateevia Botanica its and really hard working product that I apply twice a day to effected areas. As you use it it works better and better until you do not have the problem anymore. I also really like that the light herbal scent does not clash with my perfumes and I do not smell like a medicine cabinet.

If you are looking for a really great effective pain cream that is natural and has plant antioxidants such as Flavonoids,Ligans and fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory in nature its long lasting and is formulated for maxim potency . I sure hope you will give it a try for a more natural way to manage pain. Ateevia Botanica works on lots of pain from joints to sports injury's I really love it and I know you will to. You can find all the info about it and how to order at this link . Please have a look at my video review so you can see what it looks like and my thought's about it. Ateevia Botanice

I received a sample of Ateevia Botanica for my review but my opinions about it are my own. I really love it !

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