Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review/ Giveaway for New Chapter supplements from Best priced Nutrition

This is my video and written review for New Chapter supplements from Best priced Nutrition.
I really love These supplements they are just awesome and work very well with no side effects. I only make video reviews for exceptional products and wanted to do one for these because they are so exceptional. In this video I talk about The Perfect Calm, Perfect energy and Super critical holy basil, all fantastic supplements to keep you performing at your best.

The Perfect Calm By New Chapter can be found for a great price at Best priced nutrition and shipping is very fast.

The perfect Calm will keep you stress free without any unpleasant side effect- you can order it here. Its available in a few different sizes Best Price nutrition

The Perfect Energy will keep you awake, focused and with lots of energy to function well at your job or sport without experiencing a crash later. Best Price nutrition

Here is a you-tube video link for info from Best Priced nutrition/ new Chapter, its really worth a look.
you tube video by best priced nutrition

This is My video review for these great products. I know its a bit long but I really had a lot of good things to say about all these wonderful supplements. I really love New Chapter Perfect Calm, Perfect Energy and The awesome Super Critical Holy Basil. I sure hope you have a look at my video review for them.

And now for the giveaway one of my lucky readers will win one full sized bottle of the New Chapter Perfect energy because its my favorite of the two. This supplement is real easy to take its not to big of a tablet which Is great because I have problems with that. These are coated and just a bit larger than a Tylenol. I love the focus this gives me for my day I do not get jittery or nervous while taking them. I think the Perfect Energy provides me with lots of healthy energy to keep me going all day long.

How to enter
Follow my blog through Google friend connect- 1 entry
Look at the video done by Best priced Nutrition and tell me something you learned from it.1 entry
Look at MY video review and Tell me what other New Chapter supplement I talked about- 1 entry
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I will pick a winner on Sept 1st to win a full sized bottle of the New Chapter Perfect Energy.
PLEASE LEAVE A SEPERATE COMMENT FOR EACH ENTRY YOU DO OR IT WILL COUNT AS ONE. Thanks for looking at my review and video- giveaway only good for U.S.A residents.


  1. Hi Lori,
    Love the fact that they are easy to swallow. I would like to try the Perfect Calm!
    (debbie w. from Gather!)
    dawhittemore22 at gmail dot com

  2. Thanks to shear your video and blogs.

  3. perfect energy sounds really good I need all the energy I can get

  4. I follow you through google friend connect

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  8. From your video you talked about the perfect calm and the perfect energy, and also the super critical holy basil. I really think I would like for granny to try those. Although I think all 3 of us in my household could use them.

  9. From the New Chapter video I learned what whole food vitamin means. I had never really heard about that and didn't know the difference. Really sounds better for you. Plus I love that they are cultured with probiotics.