Thursday, August 11, 2011

Florida Tourism Blue Spring State Park

Blue Spring State Park
I can not express to you in words how beautiful this park is. I was able to visit a few years ago and I have never seen a more lovely place.
Blue Spring State Park covers more than 2,600 acres and has lovely crystal clear spring pools that you can swim or wade through. Lovely flat rocks are like tiny islands amid the crystal waters in the spring.
The water is warm and so gorgeous its like stepping into paradise.

There are may trails you can walk through some on land and some on wooded walk ways with rails for people who have mobility problems or who just like a good walking bridge.
Here are some photos courtesy of Florida state-parks web site so you can get an idea of how lovely this Park is I unfortunately have none of my own to share.
You can see all kinds of wild life, sometimes you will be able to see a manatee swimming in the deeper parts of the springs.

If you Like Adventure you could visit the underwater caves or go scuba diving or snorkeling. Blue Springs offers so many things to do from hiking, canoeing and backpacking to boat tours. Because its so large with so much to do you could really spend a few days going through the parks many attractions. Cabins are also available for extended stays.

You can really see some great wild life and get a genuine feel of Florida's hidden beauty. I would suggest you bring a good insect repellent because of the lush tropical forests and water there are bound to be a few bugs around.

Blue Springs State park has so much to offer visitors, that I'm sure if you get a chance to visit and experience the crystal clear springs or the lush hiking trails, you will remember your visit for a long time. I have visited this park twice and each time saw new and wonderful things I had not seen before.
here is some more info about this awesome park
Located at
2100 W. French Avenue
Orange City, Florida 32763
(386) 775-3663
Blue springs Info

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  1. I love parks and you have really captured the essence of this one. Great photos. Pity I live in England!! It looks beautiful. Lori, thanks for the visit and kind words. Look forward to seeing you again. Have a great day. Nina

  2. I was blessed wi th being able to go here as well 2 years ago it is truly the most beautiful park I ever been to.
    Thank you for chiming over to mommy2nanny3doggy1 and your kind comments :) I hope you get to check back often :) have an awesome week!