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Book review Healing Hearts By Beth Wiseman

Healing Hearts: A Collection of Amish RomancesHealing Hearts: A Collection of Amish Romances by Beth Wiseman

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I just finished my digital copy of Healing Hearts By Beth Wiseman a collection of Amish Romances.

Wow, I just loved this book each story is very different and just filled with inspiring drama and romance. I have read a lot of Amish Romances, though never had the opportunity to read such a nice collection. You have 3 separate stories each one a really nice length and not hurried in any way.

These actually gave me a feel of reading 3 different novels because so much happens in each story.

Healing Hearts by Beth Wiseman offers the reader not only an authentic glimpse into the Amish culture but also makes each person in each story so very real.

In the first story, A choice to forgive-we meet Lydia many years ago Daniel, the man she was supposed to marry up and left the community to live with the English leaving only a note on Christmas eve says he would always love her. Broken hearted Lydia was comforted by Daniel's brother Elam and they ended up marring. Now a Widow Lydia comes face to face with Daniel as he has come back to town. This is a truly wonderful story of forgiveness, love,and Heartbreak. You find out why sometimes even the best intentions for keeping secrets can lead to life changing consequences. This is truly unique story thats exceptionally uplifting and faith affirming.A must read

In the second story, A Change of Heart we meet Leah. Not your typical Amish girl Leah cant cook, sew or do anything to try and prepare for eventual marriage. She does not want to get married and only wants to write her stories so that by her words she may lead people to faith in Christ. Her family, however, is not sympathetic to her wishes and tries to encourage her to think about marriage and her future, Leah will have none of this until she starts seeing Aaron. At first Leah sees him so she can have someone read her work, she has no desire for a courtship. Leah's family especially her father despairs of her ever settling down. They do not understand why she spends so much time writing and not learning the skills she will meed to be a good Amish wife

I loved this story its really went together nicely and I loved all the characters. This was a joy to read, making me laugh out loud and at times bring a tear to my eyes altogether a very uplifting story .

The last Story Healing Hearts we meet Levina Lapp. Levina was abandoned by her husband for a year and she had to struggle both in faith and work to keep up her household and carry on with life .Being a mother of 5 grown children she has a lot of support but missed her husband terribly.

When her husband Naaman comes back home begging for her forgiveness, Levina wonders how will she ever trust him with her heart again. Neeman does not know what made him leave his home and family and he is regretful and ashamed. Both husband and wife have a long way to go to heal hearts both between themselves and their children.

This story was my favorite of the 3 stories. I could identify with Levina and her heartbreak and how difficult it would be to trust again and allow her husband back into her heart. I loved how because their faith in Christ, and love for each other, it lead them to a new stage in life better than what came before.

This is a very uplifting story that shows that forgiveness and faith can make even really bad situations completely whole again. A lot of stuff happens in this story and it has many levels. I just loved it and I know you will too.

Bottom line is all these fantastic stories will greatly help you in your faith and walk with Christ.I would recommend this collection to anyone and will as I now recomend it to you thanks for reading my review of Healing Hearts by Beth Wiseman

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