Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Listia Has Free coupons to bid on Yay great way to get freebies

For those of us who like a good free coupon I just Saw tons of them on Listia . just enter coupon in the search box . I saw some for hair color, body wash, body lotion and all kinds of coupons -I found out Listia only lets you post up a free coupon not cents off coupon. if you have a coupon you don't need, you should give it a try , you will get 200 points for signing up and another 100 points once you put up your first auction -this is great for two reasons, getting rid of free coupons you got from facebook or other free sites for products you really don't need and its good to get coupons you need, I found out the average final winning bid for a free coupon is around 1000 points. you can than bid on one you would like or need more than lets say a Body lotion. I think this is a great idea to exchange free coupons with out going through the hassle of joining a coupon trading site. I had tried that but they make you jump through a whole lot of hoops before you are allowed to trade. I'm saving my Listia points for a free hair color coupon because I really need that. remember you will get free points for joining and it will give you a head start with some points here is a link. so give it a try and type coupon in the search box and see what they have . great for extreme couponers, and better than buying a bunch of newspapers.


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