Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Healthy Child Healthy Home resources

On July 4th I was able to host a small party for healthy Child Healthy World at my Friends house because she has small kids. She also knows lots of moms who are looking forward to making there homes green and healthy for their children. We all had a lot of fun and the products were so impressive I thought I would do review for them by Introducing you to these great products.
first let me explain the 5 easy steps to a healthy home for children.

1- Avoid pesticides -these can be toxic and harmful and their are may ways you can get rid of pests by following the suggestions on this web site
Beyond pesticides

2-Use no Toxic products for cleaning and laundry. you would be surprised to see how many harmful chemicals are in everyday products. there is a lot of helpful info at this link.
Step 2

3-We breathe more than we eat. We breathe more than we drink. We are breathing all the time, but how often do you stop to think about what exactly you are breathing? Probably not nearly as much as how often you consider what else you're putting in your body. Yet, it's no less important, especially for young children who breathe faster than adults – inhaling 50% more air per pound of body weight.

Air pollution is obvious when you're caught in a plume of fumes from a diesel truck or when the wind blows smoke in your face from a camp fire or grill, but even when you can't see the air, it can still be heavily contaminated. Even more importantly, the worst air is generally inside, where most people spend roughly 90% of their time.
Air purifiers are a great choice and in the long run better than plug-ins or sprays, also green products like Earth Friendly products brand are packed with really pretty yet natural scents such as
Earth friendly Ultra Dish-mate in pear- ECOS Magnolia and Lily Laundry detergent and Parsley Plus all surface cleaners. theses can be found here at this link
Earth Friendly Products

4- Eat Healthy- Today’s modern diet is grown, processed, and packaged using toxic chemicals. From the pesticides used on conventional farms to the bisphenol-A used to line the insides of aluminum cans, our food is heavily tainted before it hits the table. Pesticides, bacteria, industrial chemicals, and food additives all find their way into our children’s foods, often at levels that can be harmful to them in myriad ways.
Pound for pound, children eat and drink more than adults. Therefore, healthy eating is essential in order to safely nourish their growing bodies.
Keep in mind what Hippocrates said "Let food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy food"
there are many wonderful and healthy organic foods available today such as Earthbound Farm Organic and Organic Valley are 2 awesome places to start you can see their products and more info here
Earthbound Farm
Earthbound farms

and organic Vally at this link
organic valley

5-Be wise about plastics
Plastics are everywhere and in most cases are very affordable and convenient. But, increasingly scientists are finding that a hidden cost may be our health. Some common plastics release harmful chemicals into our air, foods, and drinks. Maybe you can’t see or taste it, but if you’re serving your dinner on plastic, you’re likely eating a little plastic for dinner.
Beyond the immediate health risks, our increasing use of plastics is causing an enormous amount of enduring pollution. Every bit of plastic that has ever been created still exists (except for the little bit that has been incinerated, which releases toxic chemicals). In the ocean, plastic waste is accumulating in giant gyres of debris where, among other thing, fish are ingesting toxic plastic bits at a rate which will soon make them unsafe to eat.
Plastic is generally toxic to produce, toxic to use, and toxic to dispose of. Luckily, we can all make safer choices.

Now that you know the 5 steps I would like to talk about some awesome products That are green and safe for children.
For healthy skincare and healthy babies Episencial all natural skincare for babies and children they make some really great products like soothing cream and moisturizers-Also if you like them on face-book you can get a sample here is a link to there home page.
Episencial products

For quick clean ups and dirty faces Clean Well all natural sanitizing wipes kill 99% of germs naturally and is alcohol free. Clean Well also makes many other clean up products that are all safe to use here is a link for more info. this is a really awesome site you don't want to miss checking out
Clean well sanitizers and wipes

But what about food you may ask whats good in that department. I have answers! for some wonderful organic food choices and snacks try Plum organics they make some really tasty products and you can find what your looking for here at this link
Plum Organics

And for older kids try
Revolution foods
Revolution Foods

What about me food wise. whats a great healthy snack
Luna bars for you and for kids or you ( I love them ) Clif Kids Twisted fruit
for Luna go here
Luna Bars

for clif twisted go here
Clif Twisted fruit

All of these wonderful resources have face book and twitter accounts so be sure and friend them and follow because great products make for healthy kids Below are some product pictures so you know what to look for. Thanks for reading

It is my hope you all make your homes healthy for your family

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