Monday, July 25, 2011

Product review Vi-Shape by ViSalus Sciences -shake mix

I was able to try 2 packs of the Vi-Shape by ViSalus Sciences shake mixes recently and I wanted to write a review for them. First I really liked the creamy taste. The nice thing is, you can add all kinds of things to these to make your own smoothies. You can really get creative with them.
I actually had mine in my morning coffee, I use the shake mix in place of my creamer and sugar. I really liked it, it was sweet and creamy and kept me full all day long. I also had a lot more energy than I normally do in the morning after drinking it, and I stayed fuller longer.
The next thing I want to say is I noticed that these are not only very reasonably priced, they are more nutritious that what I was using, yet about the same price. I am always looking for shake mixes and energy bars that have a nice high Protein percentage. I use to work for a weight loss clinic and one of the secrets to loosing weight is to increase protein and decrease carbs. We use to put or customers on a cleansing diet of red meat and vegetables for a week before starting the regular program to kick in metabolism. Because Vi-Shape by ViSalus Sciences has 12g of protein and only 7 g of carbs its a great way to rev up the metabolism. These also provides you with a really nice 5 g of fiber. At only 90 cals a serving I think these shakes will make a wonderful addition to any weight loss plan you are on. I only got to try 2 packets but after reading the product materials and having a taste test I would recomend them to anyone on a diet or for someone who wants to maintain there healthy weight.

I hope you check out the web site and Think about giving Vi-Shape by ViSalus Sciences a try. Thanks for reading my review. Here is a link
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