Saturday, July 2, 2011

Book Review Gods love letters to you a 40 day devotional

Book review Gods Love Letters to you a 40 day devotional By Dr Larry Crabb

As stated in the title this is a 40 day devotional written like letters from God to you - they follow the chapters in the bible such as Day one Genesis , day 2 Exodus etc.
I thought this to be a nice little devotional. It has a title, a verse from the bible and than the body of the letter for each day . What makes this unique is after the letter you can read the "Take the time to reflect" part which than gives you ideas of what to reflect on, after that is a short prayer pertaining to the subject of the letter for that day.

The letters start with God Says but than the author takes it from their. Although I said it is a nice devotional, I did think some of the Letters were a bit harsh or more strict. I believe in a loving God who would,I think, speak kinder to me, but thats just my perspective . Since these letters are of course not written by the Lord and are rather Dr Crabb putting himself in the role of God for the purpose of writing this devotional, I just thought many of them came across in a disapproving tone.

The book is titled Love letters, but I did not feel much love while reading them, I felt rather like I was being addressed by a disapproving human father or boss. I am use to devotionals that make me feel uplifted and loved , or bring the joy of the lord to my heart, so maybe thats why I felt these were a bit cold . However its really nicely laid out with the letter first and than the part where we are to reflect on what was said and the prayers were nice . Each day only takes a very few minutes to read and would fit into anyone's day no matter how busy they are . I am not trying to say I hated it, I just thought as a devotional, it was quite different and not what I'm use to . thanks for reading my review

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