Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Review The Final Hour by Andrew Klavan

I received a a copy of The Final Hour but Andrew Klavan through Booksneeze . I was so happy I was chosen to review it.

I read this fabulous last installment of the Homelanders series over the 4th weekend because due to a fireworks/ fire ban in my area we were not really able to do much, But I did have a small get together at my daughters house for the products featured in the post below this one :)

In this last installment ,we Find Charlie West in a federal penitentiary slowly regaining his memories for the last few months in flashes . Charlie realizes he has been of a secret mission for the government to help stop terrorists, he can remember their is going to be an attack by the Homelanders but cant remember where or when it will be .

Charlie was raised in a christian home and its his faith that helps him not only get through some really bad times, but also helps him in his quest to stop the terrorists who threaten the country.

This book is for young adult readers but I have loved the series and think anyone would find great enjoyment by reading them. Its literally filled with no-stop action suspense and thrills.

Basically this is a good VS Evil novel that has our Charlie facing the bad guys with great faith and winning the day with courage and skill .I especially loved the ending which I felt really put a nice cap on a great series .

I naturally do now want to give to much away about the book and I would recomend you start with the first book in the series so you can really appreciate this last installment that much more .

I would especially recomend this Series for a book club group for young adults who need some exciting summer reads to talk about . I think all children in their teens would love this series and would really be able to identify with Charlie .I also loved that Andrew Klavan was able to deliver an intensely suspenseful and entertaining read with out including any harsh violence or the usual unpleasantness that most often accompanies a thriller of this caliber. I recomend starting at the top with the first installment of this series .The last thing I remember . it can be found here http://www.amazon.com/Last-Thing-Remember-Homelanders/dp/1595545867/ref=pd_sim_b_2

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