Monday, July 11, 2011

7th Generation and yo Baby review

I was lucky enough to be picked for the 7th Generation sampling program which also came with the stonyfield farm yo baby yogurt.
Since some of my friends children are allergic to my cat I had my party away from the cat hair lol. My Party went really well and was just awesome and I thank moms meet. 7th Generation and Stonyfield farms for the great samples and coupons. we had it on the 9th of July and everyone loved the 7th Generation samples and coupons and the yo-baby,yo-kids and yo-toddlers coupons. I bought some of the yo-baby drinkable yogurt so my party goers could sample it. everyone thought it was very tasty even the grown ups.
I was able to try out a few of these products for myself too. I really thought the 7th generation dishwasher detergent worked really well at getting even the dirtiest dishes clean and doing it all with out harmful chemicals.
I am also in love with the laundry detergents and liquid dish soap for times when I don't need to run the dishwasher.

My friends who had babies were really happy to get some samples of yogurt,laundry detergent and liquid dish soap,and I'm already hearing how fantastic they think everything is.
We also loved everything from Stonyfield Farms. I love the fresh taste of their yogurt.. very smooth and fresh tasting.
I think these products are really great for families with small kids who will benefit from the nutritious Stonyfield farm yogurts and drinks.
With the 7th Generation products kids who may or may not be allergic to harsh chemicals and heavy perfumes will benefit from all the products they make that are safe and healthy.
Some of the ideas we discussed at the party I would like to share with you here for healthy kids and families.

Step one avoid Pesticides.try and choose natural pesticides they are making more of these everyday.
step2 Use non-toxic products - read your labels everyday products such as cleaners and even some baby products have harmful chemicals in the
step 3 - clean up you air -open windows to let in the fresh air, indoor air is typically more polluted than outdoor air.
step4 eat healthy -choose certified organic products for young children and babies. whole foods are optimal.
Step5 many Plastic are made with toxic chemicals that can be absorbed by your food and drinks, or even released into the air,use alternative to plastics as much as possible. you can learn more at
Healthy child org

Now, here are a few things I did not, know thanks to my party I learned a lot.
Did you know you could be getting harmful chemicals from plastics because you are using plastic items in the microwave. YIKES thats nasty.
Did you know that children exposed to pesticides have a higher chance of getting ADHD -switching to organic foods can go a long way to preventing this problem, I only wish I knew this when my son was little, he had severe ADHD.

Thanks so much for reading my post here are some links so you can continue to learn more about how to keep a healthy home.I would encourage you to like the following fantastic products on facebook and twitter.
you can find 7th generation on facebook here
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for Stonyfield Farms/ yo baby their website is here
yo baby yokids web site

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Stonyfield Farms twitter page
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the reason I'm asking you to friend them is because they offer a lot of good coupons,contests and promos and also offer you so much more info than I can put here. Thanks for reading

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