Thursday, July 28, 2011

Florida Tourism Fort Matanzas Historical monument

Fort Matanzas Is a small fort situated in the middle of the ST Augustine river and you can only get there by ferry. Tours and reenactments are always available because of the forts rich history in protecting this southern river approach.

The area was important even before the fort was built.The first conflict goes back to 1565, the year of the founding of St. Augustine and almost 175 years before the construction of Fort Matanzas.The park is situated near the site of the killing of nearly 250 French Huguenots by the Spanish, an act that gave gave the river and inlet the name Matanzas, Spanish for "slaughters", as European nations fought for control of the New World.

One hundred seventy-five years later, the small watchtower fort was constructed to help protect St. Augustine from a new threat - the British.
You can tour the fort and the surrounding park as I have done may times.You will see a really nice foot path made of wood that is really nice for viewing the fort from afar and taking pictures of interesting Florida wild life.
If you are looking to visit a Florida area Steeped in history you should stop by the Matanzas fort and maybe take in a reenactment for fun.I think this is an excellent site to bring the kids as they will learn about a little known fort that was essential for guarding the river from may invaders and conflicts over 100s of years.

I hope if you decide to visit Florida you will stop at this historic site where many battles were fought to protect the town and in citizens. Each day you can ferry to the small island fort or walk around through the wooded path to see if from shore. Its a fantastic tourist destination for anyone interested in early American history and culture - Thanks for reading. For more info click here

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