Saturday, July 9, 2011

Book Review Surrender the Heart My MaryLu Tyndall

I received this wonderful book free off amazon and I'm so glad I did ,I'm really grateful to Connie for pointing me in the right direction because Now I just have to read all of MaryLu Tyndall's books .

I really enjoyed this book, it really has everything a Christian fiction book should have . I loved the way both Noah and Marianne went from 2 people practically forced to become engaged to finding their Destiny together through some exciting circumstances . This is a very inspiring read, it clearly shows the need for people to stop living with fear and resentment and trust God to remove it from their hearts, as only he can . It reinforces our need to first forgive, both ourselves and others, to have faith in the destiny the Lord has in store for you, and trust in his faithfulness.

To basically Let go and let God .

I loved the adventure the thrills and the way MaryLu can bring characters to life a very real way. So much happens in the story that you will find yourself not wanting to put it down because the next thrill is right around the corner . I think anyone who enjoys a good romance with lots of adventure on the high seas will love this book.

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