Thursday, July 21, 2011

Awesome! Ups just delivered my free Clarisonic Plus system

Wow this got here fast, you may have read that I was gifted a New Clarisonic Plus skin care system through The Vogue Influencer Network on Sunday. This Clarisonic is the new one you can use on face and body. It came with 4 different cleansers, one a gel for complexion, one ultra moist for dry skin, one large scrubbing exfoliating cleanser for the body and one for normal cleansing. I also got 2 different brushes one for the face and one for the body .
This unit will beep when you are finished with an area of the face and ready to move on the the next. It is safe to use in the shower or Bathtub for superior body cleaning. It also came with the charger so no batteries are involved. I'm going to have to keep it charging for 24 hours before trying it,I expect they shipped it fast because they want us to post how well it works over the next few weeks. I'm so in love with the Vogue Influencer Network

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