Thursday, July 21, 2011

St Augustine Florida History discovered -Old Town

when you think of Florida, most people think of Miami or the Keys few people come to Florida to specifically visit historic St Augustine.

St Augustine is one of the oldest city in America. Here are some historic facts about St Augustine that really make it worth the trip.

•1565-1763: St. Augustine earns fame as the first permanent European settlement in what is now the U.S., kicking off the first period of Spanish rule.

•1763-1784: Diplomatic agreements make Florida part of the British Empire.

•1784-1820: Spain's support of America during the American Revolution returns Florida, and St. Augustine, to Spain.

•1821: In a final change of hands, the U.S. purchases Florida from Spain. St. Augustine emerges as an American city tinged with an array of influences.

Old Town St Augustine is literally filled with places to see, first one the list would be the Castillo de San Marcos built in 1672 by the Spanish, its a wonderful attraction and must see. You can walk through this fort and They often have reenactments of battles which will add a authentic touch to any tour.

On Your visit you can walk through Old Town, where everything to see is in one place. One of the most popular attractions is the old town cemetery , only a few graves are still their as the town had to build over much of it but you can still take pictures of some of these old resting places that are unique to St Augustine.

Just a little passed Old Town is the Fantastic St Augustine Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is one of the tallest in America, its a real challenge to clime to the top and if you can manage it they give your a certificate saying you did. The popular TV Series Ghost Hunters has Investigated this lighthouse and found out some spooky things about it. The Lighthouse is also part of some of the Haunted/ Ghost tours you can sign up to take. It really is lovely, and a must see.

For a wonderful luxurious place to stay in St Augustine you have your choice of many B&Bs along Old Town road and you can even take one of the many ghost tours, which are a big attraction for tourists .
One of the better Hotels is the Casa Monica Hotel located across from the Lichtner Museum. The Lichtner Museum is just one of my favorite things to do in St Augustine, its literally filled with history and since Old Town is So Old you will see some unique things here than cant be found in other places.

St Augustine has something for everyone, steeped in history and tradition it offers historic building, unique Museum's, horse and buggy tours and lots of shopping for souvenirs and antiques. St Augustine is actually an antiquers dream come true their are very many antique shops from the fountain of youth exhibit all the way down to the fort.
St Augustine has many attractions but for today I concentrated on old town, their is so much more to see in the city and area. I hope to tell you more about interesting sites in other post soon.
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