Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wow I just got 2 magazine subs with my recycle bank points

I was just killing time on Recycle Bank and earned a bunch of points, enough to get magazine subscriptions for only 117 points- I just ordered a year of Cosmo and a year of Harper's and I still have points left . right now you can earn 60 points buy doing the travel activity or the beach activity I just finished both of those which took about 10 mins and did a few of the new activities and I got 2 magazine subs for it awesome ! if your not a member yet its a great time to join as the rewards are really nice and there are new activities you can do to win points some are 5 points and some more but its way worth it for getting 2 nice magazine subs for a full year . they also have red book, martha stewart,good housekeeping and some others . Recycle-bank

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