Thursday, June 9, 2011

Product review I love My Kindle

Wow I cant believe how much I love my Kindle!

At first I was worried I might have a problem connecting it to my network but once I put in the correct password it was connected right away.

I love they way you can read it in any light these photos were taken outside on my porch and you can clearly see the display. Because I only had a limited number of amazon gift cards that I got through doing surveys I opted for the Kindle with the advertisement screen-saver for only 113.00. as you can see these ads are not ugly and disappear one you start reading.

I than went to amazon and looked through their free books and got a bunch. each was delivered in seconds and ready to read.

what I love about this too, is that it comes with a dictionary so if I see a word I'm not sure of in one of the more classical theological books I'm reading I just highlight an it gives me the definition without being invasive.

My Kindle will download blogs,documents, and just about anything printed. If I get a book that I have to download to my computer I just send that file to my Kindle through Kindle email!

I took two photos to show how nice the display is . one showing the screen-saver and one showing some of the titles I have downloaded free from amazon.

you can do a search on amazon for the top 100 free books and games for Kindle in the Kindle store.

I love that its so thin and lightweight and the pages turn quickly so it can keep up with you.

with the whisper net I can download a book without it being hooked up to my PC, in seconds.

Bottom Line this is an awesome product and I am so happy with it, if you are thinking about getting a ereader you cant go wrong both in price and function. thanks for reading my review :)


  1. you're winning me over.
    I love books...the kind you can hold in your hand and make notes etc.
    But--great're winning me over :)
    I might have to give in to the Kindle.
    Thank you so much for joining us at NOBH.
    Kara at The Chuppies/NOBH

  2. I want one! I just had to pay for an unexpected trip but in a few weeks maybe I'll the money. I wouldn't mind the ads either. I won't stop reading real books though. They just have a great feel to them..and smell too.

    Following back. Simple Wyrdings

  3. nice review!
    btw i've a giveaway goin on..wud like you to enter :)

  4. I could not agree more! Terrific blog!