Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Book Review The end of Mae By Angela Yuriko Smith

The End Of Mae

This is a very interesting short story about a journalist who is after writing the story of the century regarding the Jersey devil. Little does she know that she is about to take a journey that will change everything for her and life as she knows it.
This story had so many twists and turns you just can't put it down. It sometimes reads like Edger Allen Poe's short stories yet with a modern flavour all its own.
The end of Mae is creepy, spooky and utterly unique,the author weaves a tale you will not soon to forget.
Since I really can't go into to much detail for fear of spoiling the story for you,Ill just say that the end of Mae is a really worth while read for anyone who is a fan of Poe, Koontz, or Bentley Little.


  1. Thx Lori for a great review! You have been an awesome friend... I always appreciate you :D

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