Thursday, June 23, 2011

BEWARE Amazon Allows Expired supplements to be sold

I always buy from amazon with the gift cards I get for doing surveys and when A product has 180 great comments I usually don't look at the fine print much as I figure they must be reputable dealers. Well I got taken and I'm not happy.
I bought some digestive advantage supplements with my amazon gift cards I checked the formula I wanted and the feedback looked good but I did not read the fine print stating that the product being sold expired 3 years ago in 2008.

I complained to the seller and they just gave me a line of Hooey that stated I should have read the full description etc and that the expiration date is just a guide line and the product should still be good.

well I was not even aware the it was legal to sell expired things on any platform. these cost me 23.98 in gift cards and I had to kick in money for postage but I really needed them for my digestion problems, so I went ahead and got them. now I'm stuck with 90 expired pills that may or may not still work. I'm real mad at them but they will not refund my money and basically told me I'm stuck with them... so if you buy supplements off amazon or anything that caries an exp date be sure and check it first because apparently selling this kind of thing is OK to do .

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