Thursday, November 29, 2012

charmin Freshmates Review

I was so excited when I heard that I was going to be able to review Charmin Freshmates through vocalpoint because I use a lot of bathroom wipes and am always interested in trying out new kinds . I can say I really love them, they come in such a pretty package and it goes well with my bathroom decor. Granted since I moved my bathroom is much older than in my last house but I do try and keep it looking nice . Charmin Freshmates lets me be creative with the space I have available to me with these colorful new boxes.

This are great flushable wipes that are great to have on hand this holiday season. These really give you a nice fresh feeling and are handy for a lot of things.I really love the packaging for these wipes because they ad a nice festive touch to an otherwise plain container.

I hope you give these a try this holiday season they are sure to come in very handy and look great on your bathroom counter . Here is the video review I did for them thanks for looking .

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