Monday, May 25, 2015

To win her Favor by Tamera Alexander book review

Hi And welcome to my review for the book To win her Favor by Tamera Alexander. I got a free copy so I could do this review through Booklook bloggers.

This is a really great Christian fiction book that tells the story of some of the trials and problems that occurred after the civil war.

Lots of people of the south lost there homes and this story deals with one property in particular and how a family is trying to desperately save it

Maggie wants to try and save her home by racing her horse Bourbon Belle in a high stakes race that's soon to come up. Maggie's father decides the best way to save the farm is if she will marry an Irishman Named Cullen who comes to town with money enough to save it .

Maggie's new husband is totally agents racing the horse for any money mostly because he has a secret in his past that could have the whole family loosing everything.

Can Maggie and Cullen find love and still save the farm among the predigests and hatred of the people around them want them to fail .

This is a great gook and I sure hope you give it a try soon.

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