Monday, May 18, 2015

Refresh your Home with Renuzit Pearl Scents review #DesignYourAir

Welcome to my review for Renuzit Pearl Scents. I have to say I really like these pearl scents they really make a room smell fresh and look great doing it. I also received a gift card so I could buy something from Homegoods and spruce up my home with something new. I was so happy I got picked to do this project because My bedroom really needed a new splash of color so I got a very lovely CYNTHIA ROWLEY light quilt.

This quilt is so lovely and the Renuzit Pearl Scents really provide a tranquil environment for my bedroom. Here is a photo of the lovely quilt I bought with the provided gift card.

As you can see it really brightens things up. I have the Renuzit Pearl Scents on my night stand so the room smells so fresh and pretty.

I have to say I was really impressed with these scents I love the sparkling rain scent because its so soothing while I sleep.These come in different scents so you can freshen your home any way you like. For a solid air freshener these perform very well and really look so much nicer than others.

I don't have a before photo of my bed because it just had a regular blanket on it and not pretty so you are basically seeing the finished product on my bed.

The Renuzit Pearl Scents, are long lasting and just so pretty. I received 2 of them and have one in my den because its a bit musty in there. I sure hope you try these soon . I am so happy that my room is not only looking better but smelling better as well.

You can find more infor about these wonderful pearl scents here Renuzit web site

I did a video review so you could not only see the Renuzit Pearl Scents but the beautiful new quilt as well I think you will agree they really add a lovely burst of color to a otherwise drab bedroom .

If you would like to win a coupon from me for one free Renuzit Pearl Scents, please just comment on this post and like me on facebook I will pick a winner on 5/25/15 USA only entries Please also leave an email where I can contact you if you win thanks for reading my review.

I received free coupons, sample and a gift card in order to create this post.

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  1. I love the new bed spread! It's got such a great antique quality to it, it really adds beauty to your room!