Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Glad OdorShield with Gain Trash bags review

Welcome to my review for the Glad trash bags with odor shield and gain. I got to try these through bzzagent and I really love them because they really help with trashy odor.

We have a septic system and because we do, things can't go down the drain, we have to have a fine screen to catch food particles so our septic system does not have a expensive problem.

This results in really bad smelling trash, what most people just flush down the drain or for those with a garbage disposal Im sure their trash is not nearly as trashy as ours is.

These bags keep the area where the trash can is smelling fresh despite all the food that has to go in it . I really like them and they also hold up really well with no leaks or breakage.

I hope you give them a try soon thanks for reading my review . I received a free sample to try from bzzagent so I could do this review #joyineverybag @GetGlad

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