Friday, August 24, 2012

Vegenaise The better for you mayo review and Giveaway

Here is a Tuna salad I made with this
I was able to try Vegenaise and Vegenaise dips and such through a campaign for one of my insiders groups and was given a sample. I am a really huge fan of conventional mayo so I was looking at this product as something I want to try for my diet and in trying to eat foods better for me with less cholesterol. I did not expect Vegenaise to be so good , In fact its just as good as my conventional name brand mayo.

If you made 2 sandwiches and mixed them up or blindfolded yourself and tried to guess the one made with Vegenaise it would be really difficult if not impossible. I have never tasted a Mayo this healthy that did not taste bad and I have tried them all.

Vegenaise, is great for a vegan diet or for someone who is trying to eat more healthy. I tried the original which has 90 calories and 80 fat calories but no cholesterol. Here is a list of all the good reasons to use Vegenaise.

All natural

heart healthy oils

high in Omega 3s



Dairy free

Gluten Free

Cholesterol Free

Preservative Free

Kosher Parve

This company also makes a lot of different condiment like sauces and dips and a very tasty tarter sauce.

My Stepson is a vegan chef and loves Vegenaise also because it is healthy but dose not sacrifice taste in being so.

You can learn all about Vegenaise here Vegenaise

I am going to be passing out some coupons and samples to my group of friends and Family shortly but I wanted my readers to also know about Vegenaise.

I was given 2 free coupons for full sized jars of Vegenaise and since I have samples to give out to my local friends and family I wanted to hold a special giveaway for those of you nice enough to read this post.

So in the comments please tell me what is your favorite sandwich to make that you would love to try Vegenaise with or if you don't do sandwiches how would you use Vegenaise in a recipe.

Just leave a comment and you will be entered. USA only- you may comment as many times as you like for an extra entry and Ill pick a winner on 9/26 .

please leave me a way to get in touch with you so I can sent the coupon if you win. IT will be coming from me and I will pay shipping costs so please leave me you email so if you win I can let you know:) . coupon value is 9.00 max value. I did a video review for this product because I really think is a simple and tasty way to have your mayo and still be eating healthy . thanks for looking at the video and for entering.


  1. nice prize to win

  2. My step daughter is on a health kick lately and would love this.

  3. I don't eat Mayo, so I probably wouldn't use this. But I would love share it with my family so they can use it in recipes!

  4. I have never heard of this. My best friend is Vegan and is always telling me about alternative products she uses. I bet she would love this. Anything is better than real mayo- SOOO fattening and unhealthy!

  5. Thanks for the awesome review. I have always wanted to try this stuff, but like you, I was skeptical because I like mayo and miracle whip a lot lol. I was vegetarian for a while and still couldn't give up my mayo ;) I would just make a tuna salad or maybe chicken salad sammie with it :)

  6. I've never heard of this, but i am like you and have never found a healthy mayo that tasted good. I have to try it!

  7. been a vegetarian for over 2 years now and my partner is vegan and always hated the taste of mayo before she became vegan. I'm trying to make the next step and be totally vegan, but don't want to give up my helmans mayo. can i have a coupon so we can try it? please help...I am a desperate mayo addict!!!

  8. I'm not a mayo fan but I will pass your info. along to my mayo eating friends. :)

  9. I am already a HUGE Vegenaise fan, and would love a coupon to save some $$$$, as I do regularly spend a significant amount on this staple grocery item in our housefhold. I make a special trip at least 2x/month to Sherry's Natural Gourmet (our local Health Food Store) where it sells for $13.95. My family, which includes me, my husband, and my two kids (age 10 & 7) ONLY eat Vegenaise instead of mayo. I also buy it for my parents- who after a lifetime (70 yrs. old) of eating regular mayo - actually Love it. I put it on all our traditional sandwiches, mix it in tuna and chicken salad w/ celery or apples and walnuts. I also make macaroni & potatoe salad with it, as well as the Knorr Spinach Dip- It's so delicious- I always get compliments from family & friends who eat "Mayo). Vegenaise is perfect for any recipe that calls for mayo. The Original is my favorite, but the grapessed variety is also delicious. didn't LOVE the reduced fat variety (yellow lid), but we all still ate it. The funny thing is that
    "real mayo" has always "skeeved" me a little, but I LOVE vegenaise, enough to eat it alone. I hope you pick me for the coupon- I could really use it. Thx!

  10. Best Vegenaise sandwich is toasted whole wheat bread with Vegenaise and salted tomato slices! Yum!
    Jifnuts @ EarthLink dot net

  11. i love this stuff i like to make potato salad and mock tuna with chickpeas please send me a coupon