Thursday, August 23, 2012

Combat ant killing gel and traps review and giveaway

As a purex insider I am able to try some really nice and effective products and I was really excited to try these Combat products for the ant problem we have here in Florida.

I originally wanted to try them on the gigantic ant hill we have in the yard but we have had nothing but heavy rain for weeks and the big ant piles were washed away and the ants have not had a chance to make new hills so I decided to try them out in my garage. I have ants that come up under my garage door and form a line that they travel on. I tried the Combat on them and they stopped marching into my garage. These Combat traps and the gel work quickly to keep the ants from really getting a foothold into the garage or house.

Combat wants everyone to have an ant free home and yard so if you have any problems with these annoying pests I suggest you try Combat for all your ant fighting needs. These are better than sprays and have no real odor like sprays do. They are safe to use and you can really get into those hard to reach places with the gel applicator.

Combat is holding a backyard bash sweepstakes so please have a look at this website and enter to win- here is a link for you. How To Kill Ants

I did a video review of these so you can see how easy they would be to use here is that video.


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