Tuesday, August 21, 2012

General Review for Raspberry Ketones products

I have been seeing a lot about Raspberry Ketones, there for a while I was getting a lot of email about this or that about where to buy Raspberry Ketones. I decided to do a little research about these kinds of products and report my findings about them.

what I found out both through research and my own experiences is that Raspberry Ketones act like a appetite suppressant. I have to say that it works for me. I did a video review so you could hear all about my on going Raspberry Ketones experiment. If you are interested to hear what I have to say please have a look at the video.

I was NOT given a sample of this product , I ended up buying mine at Puritans pride because of the awesome deal I got on them. I have been using them for about a week now and what I can say is these really really do well to control appetite and cravings far better than caffeine based diet pills.

I have found it now easy to control hunger, cravings and allow me to stick with portion controlled things like lean cuisine. Before I started taking these I would look at a a lean cuisine and say to myself this is never going to fill me up, now it does nicely.

So I hope you have a look at the review because I have plenty more to say and its easier to just view it than read a mile long post. Thanks for Looking :)


  1. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to hear your results after you use it longer.

    1. I have been using this product for a month now its truly awesome for curbing hunger , I have had to start taking 2 a day instead of 1 but you can take up to 600 mg of this daily and mine are only 100mg . now I'm content to eat 1/2 a regular turkey sandwich and not a whole sub and still be hungry . thanks for commenting :)

  2. I've heard of the product also and didn't know what it was for. Very interesting that it curbs appetite and that it works. I love the name of it too! It just sounds good. :)